Richard Mabey

Curated for you: the best legal tech tools

July 1, 2019

Need to set up and scale your legal department, but unsure which legal tech you need? We've curated the best tools to jump start your legal team today.

It's unlikely that anyone ever lands in a company as a lawyer (or a legal operations manager), takes a look around, and thinks "everything seems fine". It's in lawyers' nature to spot risks that others haven't, or can't; so getting to know a new company as an in-house lawyer often means addressing risks and bad processes quickly. And when we talk to our customers looking to get a grip on their legal processes, one of the most common complaints is that it's hard to know which tools they need to make it happen.

That's why we curated this list of tools: to give in-house lawyers a head start when it comes putting together their tech stack. We've collected together the solutions that come up time and again as the most useful, in the most relevant categories for in-house. They include:

Browse the list of best legal tech tools in full, find the solutions you need, and get a head start on running your legal department the right way.

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