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TrueLayer and Juro collaborate to agree contracts faster

June 11, 2020
  • TrueLayer is replacing manual processes, Microsoft Word, with Juro as its contract collaboration platform.
  • TrueLayer will be using Juro to agree and manage contracts in a unified workspace.

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TrueLayer, the leading provider of financial APIs, has implemented Juro as its end-to-end contract collaboration platform. TrueLayer will be adopting Juro across legal and sales teams to agree contracts faster and offer instant visibility into contract data. TrueLayer joins Juro’s growing customer base, which includes Deliveroo, Babylon Health, and Secret Escapes.

Over the next three months, TrueLayer aims to add four different types of contracts to Juro’s platform, creating templates to enable the sales team to self-serve.

Juro replaces a process involving multiple systems which didn’t enable visibility into contracts. Juro’s AI-enabled platform offered a centralized source of truth and a means to turn static files into actionable, data-driven documents. 

The legal and sales teams will also integrate Google Drive and Slack with Juro’s platform, offering total visibility pre- and post-signature, as well as data integrity across key systems.

Julie Ngov, legal counsel and legal operations at TrueLayer, said:

Juro provides a way for us to collaborate better with our sales team as a more inclusive contract collaboration platform. By automating a lot of our manual processes, we're confident that we will save a lot of time. We're delighted with Juro's approach and look forward to working with them

Richard Mabey, CEO and co-founder of Juro, said:

We're excited to welcome TrueLayer to the Juro community. We’re looking forward to helping their legal and sales teams to agree and manage contracts as they continue quickly to scale

For more information, or to request an interview, contact

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Sanaa Siddiqui is the Content Editor at Juro

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