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“The fact that it’s been so easy for farmers to adopt Juro is incredible for us”


Ethical grocer Farmdrop had no formal contract process in place, which would only get worse as the business scaled. Find out how Farmdrop used Juro to establish a contract workflow that everyone could use - including farmers. 👩🌾

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Wolt helps restaurants deliver to diners in more than 35 cities, and needed a contracts solution that could keep up with its white-hot growth. Find out how Juro helps Wolt to manage contracts effortlessly at scale, whilst taking its time spent per contract from 15 minutes down to just five. 🍽

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Nested needed to wow people with a legal document at one of the most important moments in their lives. Find out how they delivered a beautiful contracting experience, helping homebuyers move house hassle-free as well as chain-free - and saved Nested 96% of time on contracts in the process. 🏡

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Negotiating with large retailers and traditional banks isn't easy. Flux, the digital receipts and rewards platform, wanted a solution that could reduce the time spent in negotiations and help with version control. Find out how Flux used Juro to bring the end-to-end contract process down from four months to just eight days. 🤯

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