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You'll find need-to-know insights from legal and business leaders at some of Europe's fastest-growing scaleups, like Liberis, HelloFresh, Omnipresent, Pollen, and more. Learn all about contract standardization, enabling the business, information governance at a scaleup, and how to progress from lawyer to CEO from some of the leaders that have been there and done it.

Chapter 1

Similique Quasi Culpa

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Faye Moran
Leif Frykman
Denise Nurse
Becky Annison
Chapter 2

Quisquam Ut

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Leif Frykman
Dylan Marvin
Jing Wei Luo
Glenn O'Brien
Becky Annison
Chapter 3

Distinctio Molestiae Repellendus Numquam

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Faye Moran
Becky Annison
Sophie Salisbury
Chapter 4

Reprehenderit Et Enim

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Leif Frykman
Chapter 5


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Aaron Beashel
Ahmed Badr

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