Jeremy Huitson

Jeremy Huitson is Senior Customer Success Manager at Juro

Blog Posts

How vendors can maximize tech adoption

You've just brought on another customer - congrats! What now? How can you maximise adoption of the tool and deliver a great customer experience? Jeremy Huitson, Juro's Senior Customer Success Manager, shares his thoughts.

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Customer onboarding: getting to value quickly

The business world is at a standstill, but legal engineer Jeremy maintains our rapid customer onboarding. We learn about how it's changed since COVID-19.

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From law student to legal engineer - Jeremy Huitson, Juro

What career options are available to law grads? Juro’s newest legal engineer, Jeremy, highlights the experiences that led to a job at a legal tech startup.

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Why you should integrate contracts with key business software

How do you integrate contracts with your other systems of record, and why does it matter?

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What are bulk actions for contracts? Learn to manage contracts at scale

Bulk actions enable legal and business teams to manage growing contract volumes more efficiently. But what are they, and who uses them? Let’s find out.

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Your privacy at a glance

Hello. We are Juro Online Limited (known by humans as Juro). Here's a summary of how we protect your data and respect your privacy.

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