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Juro powers contracts for some of the world's fastest-growing companies. Learn how scaleups stay in control whilst automating routine contracts.

“Sales rank Juro as one of their top tools they can’t work without”

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Appear Here used Juro to delight candidates and help commercial close deals without friction. Find out how in our case study.

"Juro has empowered our employees to self-serve"

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Find out how Cazoo made contracts structured, scalable and searchable with Juro.

“Up to 30 per cent of the legal function's time is won back through Juro"

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How did Cleo implement a contract process that scaled with the business? Find out in our case study.

"It was taking up to 15 minutes to create and send an offer letter. Now, with Juro, it takes two"

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How did Curve streamline negotiations and reinvent the candidate experience? Answer: Juro.

“The time I spend negotiating terms has been reduced by 75% thanks to Juro”

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Find out how Juro powers employee contract workflow for Deliveroo, one of the world’s fastest-growing companies.

“It was intuitive and easy to run with - Juro was a godsend”

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Find out how Farmdrop used Juro to establish a contract workflow that everyone could use - including farmers.

“The fact that it’s been so easy for farmers to adopt Juro is incredible for us”

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Find out how Flux used Juro to bring the end-to-end contract process down from four months to just eight days.

“Juro’s ease-of-use reduced the length of the overall contract process”

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Find out how Give a Grad a Go used Juro to supercharge their contract workflow.

“Our return on investment is definitely in the six figures”

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Gopuff's people and culture team wanted a contract automation platform that could automate HR contracts and streamline the rider onboarding process. Find out how they achieved this and more through Juro.

“Juro is the most connected and automated contract system I’ve ever encountered"

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Find out how Habito used Juro to ease the burden off the legal team and enable self-serve.

“Juro’s interface is well-designed, intuitive and just makes sense. A lot of clutter and ‘noise’ is removed”

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How did Iptor's legal team use Juro to create, review, and approve contracts 83.3% faster? Find out in our case study.

"The sales team can get contracts drafted and reviewed in a fraction of the time”

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Luno’s legal team automated the end-to-end contract process with Juro. Find out how in our case study.

“Templating is seamless - where previously it took days, it can now be finalised in minutes”

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Find out how Masabi and Juro created a unified workspace for contracts.

“Now our source of truth is Juro”

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How did Mentimeter use Juro to enable the sales team, create a contracts repository, and standardize their legal documents? Find out in our case study.

“Juro is incredibly low-maintenance. Once you implement, it’s good to go, and you trust it works”

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Find out how Juro saved Nested 96 per cent of time on the contract process.

“Before it took between 15 and 25 minutes in Word to set up a contract. With Juro it takes less than a minute”

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Paddle's lean legal team wanted a contract solution that would eliminate manual work and enable the sales team. Find out how they achieved this and more with Juro.

"It takes the sales team four clicks to generate and approve a contract in Juro"

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Find out how RVU used Juro to create a system of record for contracts.

"We’ve saved up to three working days each week by using Juro"

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Find out how Juro helped Secret Escapes create a unified workspace for contracts.

“Juro saves me a huge amount of time I would’ve otherwise spent in my inbox”

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Find out how Shieldpay used Juro to enable commercial to self-serve.

"Juro allows us to set up our clients for success"

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Find out how Tempo used Juro to offer candidates a great contract experience.

"Onboarding was so fast - we were using Juro on the second day after signing"

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Find out how Juro helped Wolt take time spent per contract from 15 minutes down to just five.

"Juro makes it extremely easy to manage contracts”

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