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Create contracts in HubSpot

Sales team doesn't want to use a contracts platform? Don't make them. Empower your reps to create contracts and get them signed in the system they live in every day.

Close faster

Self-serve sales contracts

Don't wait on legal to get contracts out to customers - generate watertight contracts ready for sending direct from HubSpot in just a few clicks.

Chief Legal Officer, Funnel

"Our teams love Juro because it’s easy to use. Sales rank it as one of their top tools they can’t work without”

Victoria Sörving
Chief Legal Officer, Funnel
Juho Uitti, Partnerships team, Wolt
Work smarter

Track contract status in real time

Want to know what’s happening with your deal? Get real-time in updates in HubSpot as your contracts are drafted, approved, negotiated, sent out and signed, helping you secure those signatures faster.

Alicia Kwiatowski

“Sales reps love that they don’t need to wait for legal - they draft the contract, and instead of waiting four days for our follow-ups, they often get same-day approval”

Alicia Kwiatowski
Head of Legal, Iptor
Win together

Sales and legal working in harmony

Legal shouldn’t be a blocker to sales. By integrating contracts with CRM, each team can stay in the system they love, working faster towards your revenue targets.

"Sales has gone from using three tools - a shared drive, emails, PDFs, and involving the legal team - to having one tool for everything”

Callum Hamlett
Senior Revenue Operations Analyst, Paddle

How did Funnel's legal team reduce legal contract reviews by 88 per cent and enable the sales team to self-serve on contracts in the systems they use every day? Answer: Juro.

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Juro is the #1-rated contract platform globally for speed of implementation.

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