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Juro blog | Scaling in-house legal

Actionable insights on scaling legal process and legal operations, from the experts making it happen in high-growth companies.

Implementing legal technology at Personio

Claudia Saraiva, legal ops manager at Personio, shares her experience with tech implementation at a high-growth scaleup.

Claudia Saraiva
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How startups can offer genuine support to their employees

Businesses need to offer not just support to their employees, but the right levels of support. How can startups make sure employees' voices are heard and amplified?

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Supporting women in the workplace at Zoopla

What role does legal play in making high-growth businesses more inclusive? We spoke to Michelle Riddick, Assistant GC at Zoopla and chair of Zoopla’s Women’s Impact Network - an amazing initiative designed to support women in the workplace. 

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Tackling KPIs: how legal can align with the business

Legal teams are divided when it comes to setting KPIs and aligning them with business goals. Rob Chesnut, formerly GC at Airbnb, shares his experience with tackling KPIs.

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Helping lawyers deliver climate action through coaching

Adam Woodhall, CEO of Lawyers for Net Zero, discusses the value of coaching to help lawyers become drivers of climate action at their businesses.

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How to track external legal spend

What can lawyers do to make legal operations more manageable, on top of all their other responsibilities? Rebecca McKenzie, legal counsel at Codat, shares her thoughts on effectively tracking external legal spend.

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How to build a legal tech roadmap

What can legal operations teams do to make legal work more manageable? Sean Houston, Legal Operations Manager at Heineken, talks us through his process of creating a legal tech roadmap to align the global legal team.

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‘Blitzscaling’ at Babylon 

Babylon is one of the world's fastest-growing digital health platforms, listing on the NYSE in 2021. How has the business - and its legal team - changed over the years? We asked Jing Wei Luo, Babylon’s second legal hire.

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Using contracts to get to Net Zero

Lawyers don't need to wait for the law to change to take climate action - instead, they can use contracts. How can The Chancery Lane project help lawyers and their businesses with their Net Zero goals?

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Making contracts future-proof at Appear Here

‍How can legal create processes that stand the test of time? Sophie Salisbury, Head of Legal at Appear Here, shares her experience of making contracts scalable. 

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Mapping out your legal team

Growing the legal function can seem like a daunting task when you’re sole counsel. How can you map out your legal team to serve the business better? Dylan Marvin, CLO at Cision, shares his experience.

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New in Juro: conditional approvers

Juro users can now use our conditional approvers feature to send contracts through defined approval workflows, based on specific values in the contract. How does it work?

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Six reasons you should run a legal internship programme

Why should scaleup lawyers invest in a legal internship programme? How can this initiative help aspiring lawyers, but also the business? Natalie Salunke, Head of Legal at RVU, explains.

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"Strive to empower the business": building legal at Sorare

From a $680m Series B round, to sporting legends joining the board as advisors - what’s it like joining a unicorn like Sorare? And how does the first lawyer hit the ground running from day one?

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Legal ops, scaling legal and climate action - all in The Bundle: issue #4

What are the hottest topics in legal right now? What challenges do legal teams at high-velocity companies face? We decided to find out in issue #4 of our quarterly, community-led publication, The Bundle.

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2021 was huge - meet the roadmap for Juro in 2022

Juro added more than 70 features in 2021. What's coming in 2022? Find out in our open product roadmap.

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How legal operations enables legal at Heineken

What’s it like being the first legal operations hire at the world’s second largest brewery? We asked Heineken's legal operations manager, Sean Houston.

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Juro raises $23 million in Series B funding - what’s next?

Juro raises $23 million in a Series B round, led by Eight Roads - so what does this mean for Juro? CEO Richard Mabey explains.

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In-house legal careers: from lawyers to CEOs

What are your career options as an in-house lawyer? We spoke to three lawyers who stopped practising and became CEOs and founders of their own businesses.

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New in Juro: browser-based negotiation

Getting contracts over the line isn't always easy - so we've built an upgraded negotiation flow to help you get to yes faster. Here are the details.

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How legal can enable other teams in the business

How can in-house legal enable colleagues in talent, finance and sales? We decided to ask leaders at HelloFresh, Finiata and Omnipresent in our latest blog.

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How legal and operations collaborate at Liberis

What does the business want from legal? How can legal and operations teams enable each other? We asked leaders from operations and legal teams at Liberis.

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