Track key dates and obligations

Never miss a renewal date again. Avoid costly auto-renewals and track obligations as you scale thanks to Juro's smartfields and data layer.
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Automate reminders for key dates. Alert your team ahead of contract milestones.

Unique date smartfields
Automated reminder emails
Customize how and when they repeat
Replaces: Google Calendar, Email
“Juro allows us to track everything, so contract negotiations, notifications, comms with the counterparty, and so on, is all captured in one place”
Victoria Sörving
Chief Legal Officer, Funnel

Capture key dates on every upload. Juro's robust tagging infrastructure leaves nothing to chance.

Filter by tagged data
Define date smartfields
Replaces: Google Sheets, Excel
“We can accurately measure how long it takes to reach signature - Juro delivers insights on the end-to-end process, so we can identify bottlenecks”
Karolina Plaskaty
People team, Curve

Spot bottlenecks in your workflows. Real-time analytics provide actionable insights to your business.

Custom analytics
CSV exports
Custom table views
Replaces: Google Sheets, Excel, Looker
"Instead of waiting four days for legal follow-ups, the sales team often get same-day approval on contracts"
Victoria Sörving
Chief Legal Officer, Funnel


Contracts processed in Juro’s contract collaboration platfrom


Faster contract turnaround with Juro’s AI Assistant

3 hours

Legal time saved per medium-complexity contract

Integrate with 5000+ tools

Create the perfect workflows for your business with the most flexible contract integrations ever built.

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Juro is the #1-rated contract platform globally for speed of implementation.

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