Contract volume up, costs down

Don't waste time digging for contract data across multiple tools. Juro saves you lost time and money by being the single tool to let you easily query and report on your contracts throughout their lifecycle.

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Streamline into a single tool

You pay over the odds for multiple tools to process one contract. Move from complex spreadsheets and calendars to Juro’s all-in-one solution.

“We don’t even want to imagine switching away from Juro - anything else would be a terrible experience by comparison"
Doug Moring
COO, Expo Pass

Get visibility on contracts at every stage

Contract risk can be hard to control as you scale. Juro gives you no-code approval workflows and automatic renewal reminders. You’ll have visibility at every point in the contract lifecycle.

“I track expiry dates and contract renewals, preventing unnecessary cost”
Okechukwu Eke
Head of Legal, Moniepoint

Identify key risks in contracts

Contracts are finally in one place - but what’s in them? Query and report on contract data on demand, without the need for extensive tagging: no more nasty surprises.

“We’ve mitigated risk through Juro. I'm saving time, I'm saving money, and I'm saving myself from a lot of stress”
Nicolas Costa
Director of Customer Ops and Account Management, Koombea

One contract platform to rule them all

Bring all of your contracting processes together with Juro's all-in-one platform.

Create contracts in a matter of seconds

Draft contracts from automated templates and refine them with Juro’s AI Assistant.

Replaces: Word, Google Docs, PDF
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Approve contracts faster than ever

Remove bottlenecks with structured approval workflows based on contract values.

Replaces: Word, Google Docs, PDF
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Negotiate contracts in minutes

Comment, redline and review contracts with AI without leaving your browser.

Replaces: World, PDF, Email
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Sign contracts with native eSignature

Get to yes faster, with legally-binding advanced electronic signature that works on any device.

Replaces: DocuSign, Adobe Sign, Hellosign
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Store contracts in one organized workspace

Find the document you need instantly through powerful search, while controlling access across your business.

Replaces: Google Drive, Local drives, SharePoint
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Never miss a renewal deadline again

Store your contracts in Juro’s dynamic repository and gain unrivalled visibility into contracts and their data.

Replaces: Google Sheets, Excel, Looker
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Faster, more secure — and scalable


Rated contract platform for ease of setup


Faster to close contracts


Time saving on contract admin


Companies power contracts with Juro

Streamline contracts for every team

Keep control while agreeing contracts faster

Enable business teams with streamlined contract workflow — and reduce legal time on routine admin.

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Agree contracts without leaving your CRM

Get to yes faster by integrating contracts with CRM, so business users can self-serve on contracts.

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Automate paperwork & focus on impactful work

Use Juro to self-serve offer letters and bulk-update employment terms in a few clicks.

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Ready to start agreeing contracts faster?

Juro is the #1-rated contract platform globally for speed of implementation.

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