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Juro powers contracts for some of the world's fastest-growing companies. Learn how scaleups stay in control whilst automating routine contracts.

How can contract management software help your business in 2022?

Learn about the features and benefits of contract management software, the teams that use it, and how to get started with implementing an automated contract workflow.

Juro knowledge team
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What are the stages of a contract lifecycle?

What is a contract lifecycle, and which stages are holding you back? Discover the contract lifecycle stages and how to streamline them in this guide.

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12 successful contract negotiation strategies for 2022

Contract negotiations can be an uphill battle. These contract negotiation strategies will make it easier.

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The 7 best Adobe Sign alternatives in 2022

With eSignatures becoming the norm, Adobe Sign has become a preferred choice for signing documents online. But are there better eSignature tools out there?

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Attorney vs lawyer: what's the difference?

The terms 'attorney' and 'lawyer' are often used interchangeably. But they're actually different professions entirely. Discover the similarities and differences in this guide.

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What is contract intelligence?

Contract intelligence has become a buzzword in recent years. But what is it, and can it help your business?

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Contract reminder software: the ultimate guide

Contract reminder software helps businesses keep track of upcoming contract deadlines. Find out how in this guide.

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What is a deal desk? How legal, sales & revenue ops can win together

Legal teams need to make sure they’re not blocking the business as it scales aggressively - but how? We discuss legal’s role in a deal desk process.

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What is a breach of contract?

What is a breach of contract, and how can you stay on top of contract obligations to avoid one? Let's find out.

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How to manage contracts in is a popular project management tool among scaling businesses. But can it handle business contracts too? Let's find out.

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How to manage contracts in Workday

As a market-leading HRIS, Workday's cloud-based solution solves lots of admin tasks for HR teams. But can it tackle contracts? Let's find out.

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Enterprise vs mid-market contract platforms: what's the difference?

Not all contract tools are born equal. Discover the differences between enterprise and mid-market contract platforms.

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How to manage HR contracts in Greenhouse

Greenhouse is the leading ATS system for managing new hires. But did you know it can also manage contracts? Find out more in this post.

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Procurement contracts explained

What are procurement contracts, and are you managing them effectively? Find out how to make procurement contract management simple in this deep-dive.

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Understanding contract duration: how long should a contract last?

How long should a contract last, and is there a such thing as an 'optimal' contract duration. Find out in this Juro explainer.

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What is a contract administrator?

What is a contract administrator, and does your business need one yet? Let's find out.

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The ultimate guide to contract administration in 2022

Contract administration is critical to the execution of business contracts. But do you have it nailed?

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The biggest contract management mistakes and how to avoid them

Contract management mistakes are common in fast-growth businesses. But what are these mistakes, and how can your business avoid them?

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How to create a paperless office for your business in 2022

Everyone that hasn't already ditched paper is looking to go paperless in 2022. But how can your business create a paperless office? Let's find out.

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Digital signature vs electronic signature: what’s the difference?

Digital signatures and electronic signatures are often mistaken as the same thing. But what are the differences, and why should you care?

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What is eIDAS and what does it mean for your business contracts?

What is the eIDAS regulation, and how can you ensure your eSignatures are legally binding? Find out in this Juro explainer.

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What is contract AI? A guide to AI contracts in 2022

Contract AI is becoming increasingly popular within the legal industry. But are AI contracts really the future? Let's find out.

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