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Join us on our mission to help the world agree faster by making legal contracts frictionless, collaborative, and accessible.

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Our culture and values

Culture isn't ping-pong tables or drinks in the fridge. Culture is working well together.

Our culture is built on the values we share and the behaviors that enable us to work well together every day. It lives in the people we hire, the results we expect, and the rewards we offer in return.

We expect results delivered in a way consistent with Juro values. In exchange, we reward high performance.

Be more human

We’re a team, not a family. What binds us together is understanding each other as people and working toward shared goals. To do this, we value feedback, respect boundaries and help whenever we can.

In practice, this means we:

  • Default to enabling
  • Challenge constructively
  • Feed back the right way
  • Respect Jurors’ time

Keep it simple

We’re minimalists, not maximalists. We don’t waste time or energy on nice-to-haves or over-engineering. We keep it clean and clear, and we speed up or slow down as needed to make good decisions.

In practice, this means we:

  • Know our speed
  • Communicate clearly
  • Don’t over-engineer
  • Are transparent

Love the details

We’re craftspeople, not mercenaries. Each of us deeply cares for the work that we do, and strives to do it better every day. We aim for high quality with attention to detail, improve on it constantly and hold ourselves to account for what we produce.

In practice, this means we:

  • Check our work
  • Are honest and accountable
  • Iterate our work

Strive to deliver

We look for output, not input. Our time is spent meaningfully — to do that, we know what our goals are and focus our time to deliver them as agreed. We don’t get stuck in busywork or vanity metrics, and we don’t make promises we can’t keep.

In practice, this means we:

  • Prioritise for impact
  • Promise and deliver
  • Measure what matters
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Award-winning culture

Life at Juro

As a Juror, you’ll become part of a high-performing team with a clear focus on impact. Led by our values, we'll enable you to do your best work from day one. Our structured onboarding plans and clearly defined roles mean you’ll have clarity on what we expect from you, with autonomy over how you get there.

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Check out our Glassdoor reviews. You’ll also have the opportunity to discuss life at Juro with current employees if you interview with us.
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What we offer

Perks and benefits — like product features — are an investment. What we invest in should depend on who we want to attract and retain. We want high performers, so we won't settle for mediocre rewards. We choose perks and benefits that enable people to do great work.

Choice-first work

Our choice-first work approach gives you flexibility to work remotely or hybrid from day one, even if you live near one of our office hubs.

Flexible time off

We give you autonomy and ownership over your time. Jurors have 28 days holiday per year and other inclusive time-off allowances.

Health & fitness allowance

Your physical and mental health is important, so we give you a monthly allowance to invest in taking care of yourself.

Career progression

We’ll support your career development with regularly updated career maps, mentoring, coaching from your manager, and financial support.

Health insurance

To give you peace of mind, Jurors receive monthly contributions to insurance payments, or access to a private health insurance provider.

Online therapy

Juro partners with online therapy providers, giving Jurors free access to qualified therapists and resources if and when they need them.

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