General Counsel resources

You’ve decided that the General Counsel role is right for you. But what do you need to know about being a GC? Use these resources to increase your knowledge base, help you prioritize, enable your business and set your in-house legal team up for success.

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90-day plan
The team
You’ve started your new job with the best of intentions - and everyone starts throwing tasks at you! So why not take the time to map out your key milestones for the next three months? This 90-day plan template was created with a tech company in mind. Adapt it to your needs and use it as a framework as you support the wider business.
Legal playbook skeleton
The team
“Why do I need a playbook if it’s just me?” - a fair question, but it’s never too early to start writing processes down (especially if you want to build a world-class function). This playbook will get you started - from making legal resources accessible, to using Slack properly, to managing incoming requests. Add to it as you go along.
External legal spend tracker
The team
Outside counsel costs might raise an eyebrow if the business hasn’t worked much with lawyers before. Keeping track of external spend gives the business visibility on, and a better understanding of, legal projects. We’ve sourced a template to help you get started.
Product launch checklist
The team
Your company has a new product launch coming up - how can you effectively prepare for it? What do you need to consider and address to be launch-ready? Use this checklist to make sure you’re on top of it. Thanks to Patrick Cahill (Farewill), Fiona Yeung (Peppy), and Efftichia Dower (Onfido).
Privacy notice template
Contract templates
Almost every business that uses technology in some form needs a privacy notice. Grab our free template to get a beautifully designed privacy notice anyone can read.
oneNDA template
Contract templates
If automating routine contract admin is one of the early quick wins you want to get in place, you’ll probably need buy-in from key stakeholders. Use this step-by-step guide to create a business case for new technology.
Contract software RFP template
Contract templates
If you’re considering a contracts platform, you may want to send your vendors a request for proposal (RFP). Don’t waste your time and theirs with a 500-field spreadsheet - instead, we’ve created a quick and effective template for you to copy and paste, with all the questions that’ll help you find the solution that’s right for you.
Tech vendor comparison
Contract templates
You're looking at implementing a contracts platform in your legal team. With so many vendors out there, how do you work out which one is right for you? Use this template to compare versus your specific needs.
CLM ROI calculator
The team
Trying to figure out the return on investment (ROI) of contract lifecycle management software (CLM software)? This ROI calculator can help you take the guesswork out of the process.
Team structure map
The team
How do you know when to hire your second team member? And what role should it be? What comes after that? Use this sample team structure to help work it out.
Salary benchmarking
The team
When growing your team, it's important to look at impartial and accurate data on salaries, so you're offering the best you can in the war for talent. We’ve collated base salary benchmarks for in-house teams from resources shared by our community members - check out the PDFs linked below.
Useful links
The team
Looking for additional resources to help you with the in-house legal role, with contracts, and more? Browse through our recommended picks.

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