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January 31, 2023
You're thinking about becoming a Juro customer. Exciting! But what happens next?

This guide explains how our team of specialist Legal Engineers and Customer Support Specialists get you to value faster than any other solution, and shares our insights on what to expect during your CLM implementation with Juro.

Juro currently leads the contract management category for fastest implementation and ease of support, according to independent reviews on G2. Read more here.

If you'd like to talk to our team about what your Juro implementation could look like, hit the button below to get in touch. Otherwise, keep reading for a detailed guide to every stage of Juro's lightning-fast implementation process.

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Our onboarding process has four stages:

  1. Pre-sales
  2. Onboarding
  3. Activation
  4. Adoption

Let's look at each in more detail.

1. Pre-sales

Our sales process is a partnership, like any good sales process should be. Throughout, our reps will work with you to figure out how we can help you and your business agree and manage contracts more effectively.

During the sales process our reps will work with you to get a deep understanding of:

  • The types of contract you manage in Juro
  • Your requirements for your contract workflow
  • The integrations you’ll need to make sure Juro fits seamlessly into your tech stack

Our implementation team will work quickly to get your integrations up and running, as we have for hundreds of customers already. For our most commonly-seen plug-and-play integrations like HubSpot or Salesforce, you’ll meet the implementation team once you’ve signed the order form.

For more complex integrations, and lengthy contract templates, we will introduce you to the implementation team ahead of time, so they can get a headstart on setting up your contract templates and workspace in Juro, customizing the workflow to meet your particular needs.

We were sending contracts for signing after ten days
- Revenue Operations team, Paddle | Case study

We structure pre-sales this way to make sure:

  • You always know the next steps and timeline for kickoff
  • You get a clear and seamless handover from sales to customer success
  • You always have someone to contact with any questions, comments, or suggestions - and no-one can guide you better around implementation than our Legal Engineers

We also detail the weeks ahead for you, so you know what to expect from the Juro team. Here’s a sample from the timeline of the onboarding process the sales team shares with customers before the handover to customer success:

2. Onboarding

The Juro team is obsessed with smooth onboardings that get you up and running as quickly as possible (currently averaging 21 days), with your team fully enabled to be successful in our all-in-one contract automation platform. Here’s how we get you up and running.

Your kickoff call

In your kickoff call with our implementation team, you’ll cover:

  • Who is the main point of contact on each side
  • Who is responsible for different stages of onboarding - such as template setup, integrations, document uploading, and so on
  • The specific details of the onboarding timeline 
  • The associated targets and milestones you’ll reach as you get to value

We’ll also ask you for templates of the contracts you want to create in Juro, so we can give you a helping hand in setting up your workspace.

Juro implementation timeline

Creating your templates 

Juro was designed to be easy to use for anyone - not just lawyers - but nonetheless, it can be daunting getting your workspace and templates set up exactly how you want them.

To make that to-do list a little less ominous, our Legal Engineers will work with you throughout to set up your key templates at the outset. You’re free to explore Juro yourself, but don’t worry - we also offer detailed training to get all Juro users up to speed with the platform.

Top tip: have your templates ready to share, and resources assigned to collaborate with us so we can set up your integrations. The faster we complete this, the sooner you’ll be agreeing and managing contracts in Juro!

Your admin training session

Your ‘admin’ users are key in driving adoption across the business, which is why we dedicate so much time and effort to making sure you’re set up for success. During this hour-long training session, we take a deep dive with admins into the features available in Juro.

Our implementation team will collaborate with you to:

  • Finalise your contract templates in Juro
  • Help you understand how to create contracts (in Juro, via integrations, or by uploading)
  • Help you set up contract approval and signing workflow
  • Give you a tour around the platform’s extended features
  • Answer any burning questions you have about Juro

In the early stages, our implementation team will arrange regular syncs with you, so it’s easy to track progress and help you along the way to your agreed milestones and objectives.

Juro is rated #1 for fastest implementation in the contract management category on G2.

Here's what our customers at Funnel, Luno, 11:FS and Paddle have to say about Juro's market-leading implementation.

Integrating Juro into your tech stack

Hundreds of customers have integrated Juro with the systems they use every day, thanks to our range of out-of-the-box integrations. Find out more about our integrations here. 

You can configure integrations yourself or with minimal technical support - ideal for commonplace integrations with CRMs like HubSpot or Salesforce, for example. For more complex workflows at scale, our dedicated integrations team and Legal Engineers are always on hand to support. 

3. Activation

You’re an activated customer the moment you start sending contracts out through Juro - but what happens to the support you receive? 

Our implementation process is designed to set you up for success and to help you self-serve. When you’re an activated customer, you can change or create new contract workflows yourself right in the platform - no code required, and no need to join a queue to wait for our engineers to do it for you. 

Rest assured, though - if you have any questions, our team is always on hand to support. In fact, our average customer response time in 2023 is less than 90 seconds.

The customer success team was really responsive and supportive during setup
- Legal team, Iptor | Case study

Our Legal Engineers will also proactively check activity in Juro to make sure you’re progressing as planned - is your team creating contracts? Are people logging into the platform? Is there anything we can support you with during this transition? Your objectives and milestones are our objectives and milestones - we don’t stop until you’re at value.

We measure the success of our implementation by the time it takes for you to create and send contracts in Juro. And unlike legacy CLMs, we aim to make you successful in Juro within weeks, not months. Our timeline strives to activate customers within 30 days or less - and at the time of writing (31 January 2023), our average implementation time is 18 days.

Top tip: assign two people to work on this implementation process with us - a main point of contact, and an integration owner. That way, you can better manage the project, and assign responsibilities amongst your team.

We’re rated #1 on G2 for support in the contract management category. Find out more here.

4. Adoption

Juro is now your system of record for contracts. Congrats! You’ve reached the final stage in our onboarding process: adoption. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure maximum adoption of Juro.

Hold a mandatory training session

The wider team's attendance for this session is crucial. One way to make sure the right people show up and buy in is to make these sessions mandatory for everyone using the platform. A simple invite containing the word “MANDATORY” in the title can work wonders to ensure people understand the importance of using the new platform. It’ll also make it easier to disregard old habits and embrace new ways of working. 

We also run live welcome sessions every two weeks for new and existing users. It’s a great opportunity to learn how you can get the most out of the platform, get a refresher on new features, and get answers to any burning questions you have. 

Psst - want to join our next onboarding webinar and see the platform for yourself? Sign up here

Give your colleagues context on the new solution

In your training session, instead of our Legal Engineers jumping in with an introduction, it’s usually more effective for you to give context to your colleagues by explaining:

  • Why you purchased Juro
  • What you’re looking to achieve through Juro
  • What the benefits of contract automation will be - both for the company and for individuals
  • Who the main point of contact is at Juro (although you can always access real-time support from a human being in the chat window)

Remind your colleagues why the business wanted to automate contracts with Juro in the first place. For example, Juro can help sales generate contracts quickly without having to get legal involved. This means they’ll be able to close deals faster.

Implementing Juro was painless - most teams just tried it out for themselves without needing our involvement
- Legal team, Tibber | Case study

Top tip: sending a company-wide message can also help maximise adoption! Emphasising the fact that all contracts are now created through Juro is an impactful way to get everyone on board and saving time on contracts.

Measuring success

Speed is the name of the game - we want to make sure you’re up and running on the platform as quickly as possible, without compromising on quality.

It’s why we’re rated #1 for highest user adoption and fastest implementation on G2. But don’t just take our word for it - find out what our customers have to say about Juro.

We also measure success by looking at:

  • Your objectives, and whether you’ve managed to achieve them. If you’ve previously mentioned to our sales team how you’re hoping contract automation will help you reduce contract review times by 50 per cent, have we helped you achieve this? Being able to report back on how your contract process has changed is a great measure of success
  • Contract volumes. If you (and the teams you enable) are agreeing and managing a high volume of contracts through Juro, then the implementation has been successful
  • Feedback in our onboarding form. We take our feedback seriously. We ask all our customers to offer feedback on the onboarding process - with a rating out of 10. It’s a quick and easy method for finding out how you found the experience, and what we can do better

Find out what our customers say about the time-saving and return on investment with Juro in our case studies.

Juro is incredibly low-maintenance - once you implement Juro, it’s good to go 
- Revenue Operations team, Mentimeter | Case study

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