Contract templates: free to download

Get started with these free contract templates you can use today in Juro, or by downloading as a PDF.

Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) template

Create (and automate) non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) more efficiently with this free template, to enable colleagues in the business to self-serve on this routine contract at scale.

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Data Processing Agreement (DPA) template

Looking for a better way to create reliable Data Processing Agreements for your business? Generate Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) more efficiently with this free template.

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Employment contract amendment template

Employment contract amendments are a quick and easy way to update existing employment contracts. Use this free employment contract amendment template to get started.

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Employment offer letter template

Use this free template to delight successful candidates with a readable, jargon-free employment offer letter that actually gets new joiners excited to sign. Download the template to get started.

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Master Services Agreement (MSA) template

A Master Services Agreement provides the foundations for a commercial relationship and seeks to make contract negotiations simpler and faster. Use our free Master Services Agreement template to create your own.

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Option Agreement template

Share option agreements are a routine contract for scaling businesses that typically offer employees some form of ownership. Use this free option agreement template to create contracts for your business.

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Privacy policy template

Almost every business that uses technology in some form needs a privacy policy. Grab our free template to get a beautifully designed privacy policy anyone can read.

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