Zapier + Juro

Integrate with 3000+ apps

Use Zapier to integrate contract workflow with anything, from HubSpot to Notion to Google Sheets - no code required.


Apps that zap together, stay together

Contracts impact several teams - so it’s important that they can connect with any tool, to save time and give visibility to end-users.

“Our Juro workflow takes care of our standard use case and lets us handle several each day, really fast"

Victoria Sörving
Chief Legal Officer, Funnel
No code required

All the apps, none of the coding

Zapier’s no-code connectivity means you don’t need a developer to set up complex multi-system workflows for your contracts.

“We’re saving so much time - contracts previously taking a week to sign are now taking minutes”

Willem Wellinghoff
Chief Legal Officer, Shieldpay

Infinite options for your business

Zapier connects with over 3,000 apps - and now Juro can connect with them too. Create the specific workflow that’s right for your business.

“Juro is a great tool that both legal and commercial teams find easy to use”

Sophie Salisbury
Head of Legal, Appear Here

Appear Here used Juro to delight candidates and help commercial close deals without friction. Find out how in our case study.

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Integrate with 3000+ tools

Use Juro's supported integrations or REST API to enable your team.
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