Whitepaper: Machine learning in contracts

How do we separate fact from fiction in machine learning and AI? In this whitepaper, introduced by Artificial Lawyer’s Richard Tromans, Juro’s lead data scientist, Dr. Matthew Upson, explores the myths, realities and possibilities of applying machine learning to contracts.

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What's inside?

Data science experts take you through key terms, contract data types and how machine learning can be used by legal.

Chapter 1

What is machine learning?

Juro co-founders Richard Mabey and Pavel Kovalevich dive into machine learning - and explain some commonly used jargon.

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Chapter 2

What does machine learning mean for legal?

Now you understand machine learning and the terminology that surrounds it, let's explore the impact of machine learning in legal.

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Chapter 3

Which contracts data is usable?

Contracts data is harder to work with, but of course it’s not impossible. What kind of contracts data do we work with at Juro?

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Chapter 4

The giants are coming

There's a high possibility of tech giants entering the legal machine learning market - so how will they impact the world of machine learning?

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