The Modern Contract Handbook

From creation, through collaboration, signature, tracking, renewal and beyond: what does effective contract management look like for an efficient, modern business? Expert authors break down every stage to share their secrets.

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What's inside?

Explore actionable insights on every stage of the contract workflow. When drafting a contract, what are the rules Ken Adams urges you to live by? How do legal design's sharpest thinkers create frictionless documents? How do you capture and leverage contract data? Where is eSignature legal? What contract metrics should you start tracking right now? Whatever your pain point in contracts, our experts have you covered.


Tech can't solve bad drafting

Ken Adams, world leader in clearer contract drafting, shares six lessons to make sure your fundamentals are in place before you even think about contract management services.

Ken Adams is a specialist in contract language and drafting


In a nutshell: what is contract management software?

We demystify the jargon that accompanies contract management services, exploring the main business teams that use contract workflow and management platforms.

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Legal design: the experts speak

Make contracts accessible: catch up with some of legal design’s leading lights, including Margaret Hagan, Helena Haapio, Marie Potel-Saville, Lieke Beelen and Stefania Passera.

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Designing for yes: how to create contracts people want to sign

If contracts are the lifeblood of commerce, then it’s important to keep things flowing quickly - so how can you draft a contract that people will be happy to sign?

Verity White is the founder of Checklist Legal


How to capture and use contract collaboration data

Every stage of the contract lifecycle creates data, but traditional contract processes lose, mislabel and discard that data. Fixing this could transform legal process forever.

Pavel Kovalevich is the CPO and co-founder of Juro


Approvals: how legal can reduce friction (but keep control)

Lawyers need to review every contract draft and template. Find out how to use approval workflows to make contracts more efficient.

Claire O'Regan is the Director of Customer Success at Juro


Is eSignature globally recognized?

What’s the current state of play regarding recognition of eSigning around the world? Find out the relevant legal frameworks in the key jurisdictions.

Jeremy Huitson is Senior Customer Success Manager at Juro


Mobile-first contracting: a case study

Since 2018, Juro has worked with City Relay to create a mobile-friendly contract process. Find out how we achieved a seamless workflow between mobile and desktop platforms.

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The 7 best contract metrics to track - and why you need to start

It seems like every legal department has the ambition to be data-driven. But how do you get started and what metrics should you track?

Lucy Bassli is the Legal Strategy Advisor at LawGeex


Why you need to integrate contracts with the business’ systems of record

It’s a key question for any business trying to make their processes frictionless: how do you make contracts work seamlessly with your other key systems?

Raul Balchin-Qais is a Senior Account Executive at Juro


Connected contracts

Getting a contract from first draft to signature is the main focus for many. But what happens afterwards? The founder of explores the future of contracts.

Peter Hunn is the Senior Director of smart agreements at DocuSign

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