Ep.1 | Laura Frederick | Does raising children help you negotiate contracts?

July 2, 2024

In this episode of Brief Encounters, the exciting new podcast series, leading voice in legal AI and CEO of Juro, Richard Mabey, Laura Frederick, founder of How to Contract, former commercial lawyer at Tesla, and one of the most respected community voices in legal, shares her journey into law and her love of contracts.

Key takeaways from this episode

  • Negotiation can be challenging for lawyers because it involves dealing with the unpredictable human factor.
  • Common pitfalls in negotiation include being too aggressive or too soft. Finding a middle ground is often the most effective approach.
  • Cultural differences can impact negotiation styles, and it's important to adapt and simplify communication to bridge those gaps.
  • Standardization and technology tools can streamline low-level negotiations, but the skills of contract professionals will always be valuable in managing risk and addressing specific needs.
  • Top tips for negotiating better include budgeting your negotiation currency, being nice, and focusing on what truly matters in the contract.

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