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We're rebuilding contracts from the ground-up to be more collaborative. Join us!

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Our mission

Closing new deals, forging new partnerships, hiring new talent: contracts are agreed at the happiest points in your business’ life, but legacy Word + email processes make contracts painful for everyone.

We believe there is a better way to reflect modern business relationships. That's why we're building the agreement layer for the internet, enabling teams to agree and manage contracts without leaving their browser.

What we believe


Love the details

Becoming really good at something takes time. We think like craftspeople and always strive to become the best at what we do. It's hard to become a craftsperson. You have to do the same thing over and over again. You have to develop killer attention to detail. The craftsperson never stops learning and enjoys their craft.


Keep it simple

We're minimalists. The simplest solution is often the right one. If you really know the question it’s usually easy to find the answer. Keeping it simple means starting small and iterating. Keeping it simple means we do not over-engineer or get stuck in analysis paralysis; we take calculated risks and move quickly.


Trust and deliver

We are not a family, we are a team. In order to be an ultra-high-performing team, we have high levels of trust in each other. We build trust through the right kind of transparency. Transparency allows us to deliver with high impact. Without it we can quickly become distracted with politics or indecision, and things move quickly in startups.


Be more human

We believe in effective collaboration. Our product enables people to have ownership and collaborate effectively on agreements. The same principles must apply to our own team. Collaboration requires empathy. And we're building a company that recognises the true value of empathy - whether with our customers, our partners or each other.

How we got here


And individual investors including...

Taavet Hinrikus
Co-founder | TransferWise
Michael Pennington
Co-founder | Gumtree
Paul Forster
Co-founder | Indeed

Proudly backed by world-class investors.

We are fortunate to have as investors and advisers the people behind success stories like Twitter, Twilio, Kickstarter, Cloudflare, Zendesk, Revolut, TransferWise, Indeed and Gumtree.

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Travel comparison giant Skyscanner has selected Juro as its contract management/automation provider in a significant client win for the UK-based legal tech pioneer following a successful proof of concept phase that completed in August.

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