Pavel Kovalevich

Pavel Kovalevich is the CPO and co-founder of Juro

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New in Juro: conditional approvers

Juro users can now use our conditional approvers feature to send contracts through defined approval workflows, based on specific values in the contract. How does it work?

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New in Juro: Zapier integration, threaded comments

What's new in Juro? The latest release (September 23, 2021) brings threaded comments and a new Zapier integration to Juro's contract automation platform.

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We've upgraded Juro for 2021 - what's new?

A product update from CPO Pavel Kovalevich. Find out how a Juro can help you automate contracts at scale in 2021.

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Building Juro in 2018: or why six people moved countries to help make legal more human

Making legal more human is a seismic shift we’ll drive forward over the years to come. Making six people move countries is a much more immediate change.

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