Thomas Forstner

Thomas Forstner is the Senior Director of People and Talent at Juro

Blog Posts

How startups can offer genuine support to their employees

Businesses need to offer not just support to their employees, but the right levels of support. How can startups make sure employees' voices are heard and amplified?

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How we make hiring more human at Juro

The hiring process is often full of problems that lead to poor candidate experience . How can HR, people and talent teams make the process more human?

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How to ace your interview at Juro

Interviews don’t have to be stressful. Thomas, our talent acquisition lead, explains how candidates can prepare for and ace a job interview at Juro.

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How to be an LGBTQ+ ally

Juro's talent acquisition lead, Thomas, explains how startups with limited resource can show support for the LGBTQ+ community during Pride month and beyond

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