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Juro blog | Scaling in-house legal

Actionable insights on scaling legal process and legal operations, from the experts making it happen in high-growth companies.

New in Juro: conditional approvers

Juro users can now use our conditional approvers feature to send contracts through defined approval workflows, based on specific values in the contract. How does it work?

Pavel Kovalevich
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Want the latest need-to-knows from in-house legal? Get The Bundle: issue #3!

Enabling the business, lawyers-turned-CEOs, the future of contracts, and more - find out what you can expect from issue #3 of The Bundle.

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The IPO sprint: five lessons on going public in three months

LendInvest went public in three months - what was the experience like for legal? LendInvest's GC discusses the challenges faced and lessons learned.

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How legal at Wise led the UK’s first ever direct listing

Wise's head of corporate legal Jessica Winter, and GC Dean Nash share their thoughts on helping the business complete the UK's first ever direct listing.

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Shaping your in-house legal career: 2021 Tech GC report findings

We asked 80 in-house lawyers and legal ops teams about scaling their careers in our 2021 Tech GC report. What do the findings show us?

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How to prepare for an IPO in eight steps

How can you prepare to take your company public? We asked Neil Murrin, General Counsel at Trainline, in the second issue of The Bundle.

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Building the rocketship as you fly it: Saman Harris, VP Legal, Checkout

Saman Harris went from Senior Legal Counsel at GoCardless to VP Legal at, Europe's largest unicorn. How has he found the journey?

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Post-IPO: legal’s changing responsibilities

Once a company goes public, how does legal's role change? We asked Ioana Vieru, Global Corporate VP at UiPath, in the second issue of The Bundle.

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New in Juro: Zapier integration, threaded comments

What's new in Juro? The latest release (September 23, 2021) brings threaded comments and a new Zapier integration to Juro's contract automation platform.

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The Bundle, issue #2: IPO stories from Wise, UiPath, and more

How does legal take a company public? We ask legal leaders who have been there and done it, at Wise, UiPath, and more, in our IPO special of The Bundle.

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Mitigating risk at a fintech with Naaika Himidi, GC, Pleo

Managing risk is a key part of the job for leadership at a fintech. In her first GC role, how does Naaika Himidi approach risk mitigation at Pleo?

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Lawyers and technology: what's changed over the past year?

We asked 80 in-house lawyers and legal operations teams about their relationship with tech in our 2021 Tech GC report. What do the findings show us? And what does legal look for in a tech solution?

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Joining Planhat as lawyer #1: Eva Mobacker, VP Legal

How does Eva, Planhat's VP Legal, prioritize her workload and plan ahead for Planhat's next exciting phase of growth? We asked her in our latest interview.

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Analysis: why are lawyers buried in low-value work?

69 per cent of in-house lawyers still feel buried under low-value work. Wilson Sonsini's Chief Innovation Officer, David Wang, explores why.

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69 per cent of in-house counsel feel buried under low-value work

In-house legal’s top concerns include being “buried under low-value work”, according to Juro's annual Tech GC report, in partnership with Wilson Sonsini.

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2021 Tech GC report will reveal legal's biggest challenges - launching soon

We surveyed 80 in-house lawyers for this year's Tech GC report, learning about their challenges, career journeys, and relationship with legal tech.

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How legal should collaborate with the product team

At a high-growth scaleup, where the product is the business, how can legal collaborate with and enable the product team to work as efficiently as possible?

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Automating the big fat middle: legal at MessageBird

When your company’s scaling as fast as MessageBird, how do you handle priorities, people, and processes to make the in-house legal team more efficient?

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The scaleup GC: balancing fundraising with the day job

Running a Series C, managing the in-house legal team, and dealing with the day job ... how did Beamery's general counsel handle the workload?

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How to scale your legal team

Relativity's CLO, Karen Klein, details the process of when and why to scale the legal team, and how GCs can make a solid business case for a legal hire.

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The O Shaped Lawyer: becoming a true business partner at a scaleup

Network Rail GC Dan Kayne explains the O Shaped Lawyer initiative, which helps lawyers to adopt the attributes that make them better business partners.

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Implementing a ‘working-from-anywhere’ model

How can legal and HR teams implement a 'working-from-anywhere' model? Remote's Head of Legal discusses the legal challenges involved.

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