The Bundle | Feb 2022

In issue #4 of The Bundle, we learn about legal operations projects, strategies for scaling legal teams, as well as how lawyers can fight the imminent threat posed by climate change.

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In this issue ...

You'll find need-to-know insights from legal leaders at successful businesses like Curve, Codat, Beamery, Heineken, and more. Learn all about building a legal tech roadmap, tracking legal spend, using contracts to reach Net Zero, mapping out your legal team, and how you can make legal more accessible with an internship programme.


Lawyers as leaders

The community team at Juro introduces this issue with a look at how scaleup lawyers have taken on leadership roles at their businesses.

Tom Bangay is the Senior Director of Content and Community at Juro

Chapter 1

How to create a legal tech roadmap

Joining a huge, decentralized organization as its first legal operations hire can be daunting. Where do you even start? Sean Houston started by building a legal tech roadmap.

Sean Houston is the Legal Operations Manager at Heineken

Chapter 2

Interview: how to use existing tools to make legal more effective

What does a scaling legal team's tech stack look like? And how can legal use tech to solve a problem? Here are a few pointers from Curve's GC, Alistair Houghton.

Alistair Houghton is the General Counsel at Curve

Chapter 3

How to track external legal spend

Tracking legal spend doesn't have to be complicated. Here are some simple organizational tips from Codat's sole counsel, Rebecca McKenzie.

Rebecca McKenzie is the Head of Legal at Codat

Chapter 4

Using contracts to get to Net Zero

Lawyers don't need to wait for the law to change to take climate action - instead, they can use contracts. How can The Chancery Lane project help lawyers and their businesses with their Net Zero goals?

Becky Annison is the Director of Engagement at The Chancery Lane Project

Chapter 5

Energising and enabling in-house lawyers to deliver climate action

There is a huge gap between many organizations' ambitious climate policies, and action that will make a difference. How can in-house lawyers use the the power of law to help deliver a sustainable future?

Adam Woodhall is the CEO of Lawyers for Net Zero

Chapter 6

Six reasons you should run a legal internship programme

Legal internships are quite rare at high-growth companies. Why should legal invest time in hiring and training interns alongside all the other responsibilities on their plate? Natalie Salunke, Head of Legal at RVU, explains.

Natalie Salunke is the General Counsel at RVU

Chapter 7

Interview: running an internship programme at Beamery

Beamery's Chief Legal and Impact Officer, Xavier Langlois, outlines the benefits of hiring and developing interns as a part of your legal team.

Xavier Langlois is the General Counsel at Beamery

Chapter 8

Mapping out your legal team

Joining as the first lawyer, you’re likely aware of the mountain of work that greets you. Hiring is also a task you need to consider, but getting started isn’t always easy. How do you go from being sole counsel, to managing an established team?

Dylan Marvin is the Chief Legal Officer at Cision

Chapter 9

Hiring specialist and generalist lawyers

Scaling a legal team involves finding the right balance between hiring specialist and generalist lawyers. Generalists often have the broad understanding of legal tasks necessary for working at a scaleup. But when and how do you identify the need to hire your first specialist?

Caroline O'Connor is the Group General Counsel at Tractable

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