Contract automation in 2022: legal documents reimagined

This whitepaper looks past the myths and hype to examine the status quo when it comes to contract automation - and how businesses can move past outmoded practices to automate routine contracts at scale and enable growth in 2022.

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What’s inside?

This whitepaper delves deep into the current myths surrounding contract automation, and delivers an action plan for automating contracts with no-code workflows that anyone can adopt. Who 'does' contracts? Is automation just a plugin for Word? Is the tech long and difficult to implement? How do you make colleagues feel enabled by self-serve, rather than blocked by legal bottlenecks? We walk you through the misapprehensions that need to be left behind in 2021, so you can make contract automation a competitive advantage for your business in 2022.

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How will contract automation change in 2022?

What is automation, why should it matter to legal teams - and how do your business colleagues feel about it? We start by giving context around the move to collaborative in-browser platforms.

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Chapter 1

The status quo we need to leave in 2021

Contract automation suffers from persistent myths. To understand how contract automation will help businesses in 2021, we need to understand the stubborn myths that keep us trapped in the status quo.

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Chapter 2

Your action plan for automating contracts in 2022

Now we know what's gone wrong, let's work out how to do it right in 2021 with a self-serve model to automate routine contracts at scale.

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