The fintech GC survival guide

When fintechs find success, they expand really quickly. But when your in-house legal team starts with just one or two people, how do you prepare for world domination overnight?

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What’s inside?

This eBook contains insights from legal leaders at Curve, Tandem, TrueLayer, Liberis and more - exploring how legal teams at rapidly scaling fintechs can support and enable the business. Insights include how to establish trust in the wider business, work effectively with leadership, collaborate with external counsel, scale privacy and compliance, automate everyday contracts, and ultimately thrive in the role.



Do you remember life before fintech? Juro CEO and co-founder, Richard Mabey, explores the challenges legal teams faced when fintech started to boom.

Richard Mabey is the CEO and co-founder of Juro

Chapter 1

How to thrive as a fintech GC

To advise and meet the demands of an ambitious fintech, you need to be a different kind of General Counsel. You need to hang on to some principles and let go of others entirely. How do you prepare for this mindset shift?

Alistair Houghton is the General Counsel at Curve

Chapter 2

How to establish trust

Startups, by their nature, have to overcome a trust barrier with their customers - even more so in fintech. How can lawyers establish trust externally, while also changing negative perceptions of legal internally?

Lynda Horgan is VP Legal at SoftBank Investment Advisers

Chapter 3

How to prioritize your workload

With upcoming expansions on the horizon and relentless day-to-day work, how can lawyers successfully balance this workload while adding value to the business?

Willem Wellinghoff is the Chief Compliance Officer at Eccompay.

Chapter 4

How to scale privacy

A common misconception is that legal owns privacy. In reality, everyone in the company is responsible. How can you make sure the business scales with privacy in mind?

Julie Ngov is the Senior Counsel at Block

Chapter 5

How to work with leadership teams

As the legal leader, you’ll be working constantly with colleagues right at the top of the organization. But what do fintech founders and CEOs expect from lawyers? And what skills and qualities do you need to work effectively with them?

Ed Freeman is the General Counsel & company secretary at Tandem Bank

Chapter 6

Case study: How to automate agreements with banks and retailers

When working with large clients like banks, lengthy contract lifecycles might seem unavoidable. Can a user-centric automated workflow make that process faster, enabling rather than blocking growth?

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Chapter 7

How to work with external counsel

When you’re working across dozens of jurisdictions at a rapid-growth business, you need to collaborate closely with external counsel. These are the tips and techniques around how you can make it work.

Alexis Alexander is the General Counsel at Liberis

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