Legal operations: how to do it and why it matters

To earn a seat at the table as a strategic partner to the business, lawyers have to run legal like a modern business. In this book, expert contributors show you how by taking you through their experiences with legal ops.

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What’s inside?

Practical insights and advice gathered through careers at Pearson, Monzo, Assurant, Microsoft, Ingersoll-Rand, Marks & Spencer, Sun Microsystems, Fleetcor, DPA professionals, Telstra, NetSuite and Habito.

Chapter 1

Financial management: a seat at the table

How can lawyers speak the same language as their finance colleagues, and win their trust with smart forecasting? Become a budget hero with better financial management.

Jameson Monteiro is the Head of Legal Operations at Assurant

Chapter 2

Vendor management: what makes a sophisticated buyer?

Learn how to become a sophisticated buyer of legal services: best-practice advice for finding, appointing, monitoring and managing external counsel.

Denise Nurse is the CEO at DBN Enterprises, and co-founder of both Support SEND Kids and Black Founders Hub

Chapter 3

Cross-functional alignment: how to make friends

Make friends and influence people by aligning legal collaboratively with the most important functions in the business - because no lawyer is an island, and everyone needs friends.

Mike Russell is the Head of Global Legal Operations at Expedia Group

Chapter 4

Technology and process support: the rise of the lawyer-engineers

Hitting 350 employees and 850,000 customers inside three years doesn’t leave much time for legal tech procurement. Find out how Monzo engineered their legal function for growth.

Dean Nash is the Chief Legal Officer at PagoNxt

Chapter 5

Service delivery and alternative support models: how satisfied is your internal client?

Find out how to map legal’s needs against its resources, and monitor internal client satisfaction, to deliver the best-in-class legal service your business wants - and expects.

Max Hübner is the Managing Director at Novagraaf

Chapter 6

Organizational design, support and management: creating an empowered legal team

Find out how to manage a globalised team and maintain consistency as a business grows organically and acquisitively, in a legal industry that’s never been more complex.

Natalie Salunke is the General Counsel at RVU

Chapter 7

Communications: thinking outside the inbox

Breaking the habit of a lifetime and overcoming the inbox is a big ask for any lawyer. Find out how to rethink communications for the modern business - and keep stakeholders onside.

Jason Macarthur is Head of Legal Operations for AG Consulting at Addleshaw Goddard

Chapter 8

Data analytics: the foundation of a successful legal department

Data, and its smart, tactical use, will be the foundation of the next generation of successful legal departments. Identify the crucial analytics to monitor - how, when, where and why.

Lucy Bassli is the Legal Strategy Advisor at LawGeex

Chapter 9

Litigation support: digital tools solving digital problems

Electronic discovery has changed the game in litigation, but has it progressed far enough? Find out whether today’s tools are adequate for the emoji era.

Glenn O'Brien is the former Director of eDiscovery, Liberty Mutual

Chapter 10

IP management: protecting what matters most

Few in-house practice areas can directly influence revenue more than IP, but how can you best realise that value in an in-house environment that demands more for less?

Faye Moran is the Global Head of Legal Operations at WPP

Chapter 11

Knowledge management: how to make your team smarter

How do you build an in-house knowledge management system from the ground up, and why should you? Read reflections from the front lines in the battle to preserve legal knowledge.

Leif Frykman is the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Seamless Distributions Systems AB

Chapter 12

Information governance & records management: keeping your corporate memory

Optimising your information governance can have an immediate upside for a company seeking to grow quickly and make better decisions - find out how to make it work for you.

Rohan Paramesh is the General Counsel at Pixel United

Chapter 13

Strategic planning: survive and thrive in the new normal

How do you deal with more-for-less as a long-term, strategic imperative? Learn lessons from a GC who did just that - and saved 40,000 hours of low-value work in a year.

Mick Sheehy is Partner at PwC's NewLaw venture in Australia

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