Whitepaper: machine-readable contracts

Your contracts are bleeding data. With Word and PDF as the default, contracts will always remain inherently uncollaborative, regardless of AI. This whitepaper explores the new, collaborative paradigm that's possible if contracts are created as machine-readable documents.

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What's inside?

Juro co-founders Richard Mabey and Pavel Kovalevich explore key definitions, how data can be used and captured throughout the contract lifecycle, and what the future looks like with machine-readable contracts.

Chapter 1

Your contracts are bleeding data.

Juro co-founders, Richard Mabey and Pavel Kovalevich, introduce this whitepaper by exploring the pain around the legacy contract tech stack of Microsoft Word, email and PDF.

Richard Mabey is the CEO and co-founder of Juro

Pavel Kovalevich is the CPO and co-founder of Juro

Chapter 2

Data in the contract lifecycle

What does data in this contract lifecycle look like? And how can we make better use of our contracts data through digitization?

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Chapter 3

Introducing the machine-readable editor

In order to make contracts work better for people, we must make them work better for machines. How did Juro's co-founders purpose-build an editor that was machine friendly?

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Chapter 4

The future: towards a contract data platform

What does the future hold for contract formatting? Richard and Pavel explore the dominant contract formats to reveal their pros and cons: Word, PDF, HTML and plain text.

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