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"Juro has empowered our employees to self-serve"

Appear Here

Appear Here used Juro to delight candidates and help commercial close deals without friction. Find out how in our case study.

Empowering commercial, enhancing candidate experience

Appear Here is an online marketplace that offers short-term space to brands for pop-up stores, events, and customer experiences. The company was founded in 2013 and has since raised a total of $21.4m. Over 200,000 brands, including Apple, Nike, Netflix and Spotify, have signed up for the platform, which empowers customers to lease short-term space in minutes.

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The challenge: losing valuable time on contracts

Juro and Appear Here case study

Whilst Appear Here managed its customer contracts via its online platform, the company managed its supplier, HR and bespoke commercial contracts in Word, which meant a lengthy end-to-end process that affected several teams in the business.

In the HR team, manual contract processes were also causing the loss of valuable time on back-and-forth negotiations. This led to an unsatisfactory candidate experience for new hires, with documents and processes not reflective of a modern, tech-enabled company. The CEO was a countersignatory on offer letters being sent out to candidates, and this slowed down time-to-sign, as well as adding an unnecessary burden to his workload.

Legal was responsible for chasing signatures, scanning and saving the contracts in a shared system where HR could access them. “When you’re the only lawyer in the business, your time is an expensive resource to the company - I was forced to spend too much of that time scanning signed documents and saving them to shared drives.”

"Using Juro for HR contracts has been a game-changer ... we have slick contracts to sign online rather than 15-page documents from the dark ages”

The requirements: what did Appear Here need?

The business needed a contract management solution that would save legal and commercial teams time on the end-to-end contract process, as well as improving candidate experience for the HR team.

The solution should also allow the commercial team to self-serve their own documents. “I need the commercial team to own their contracts and feel comfortable leading on that process. They’re standard forms, meaning there should be no need for legal to get involved,” said Sophie.

The solution: contracts powered by Juro

Juro and Appear Here case study

Sophie decided to implement Juro in July 2019 to make the company’s contract workflow faster, more intuitive and more collaborative. Implementation was rapid; it took two short kickoff meetings with Juro’s customer success team before adopting the new system and reaping the benefits.

  • Total visibility: “it’s reassuring as a legal function to know that you’ll get notified on any changes across the contract lifecycle - from edits to negotiations to signature. Once the contract is sent out in Juro it’s effectively off your to-do list, and you don’t have to chase to find out what happened to it.”
  • Empowered teams: “People started using Juro immediately - it’s empowered our employees to self-serve. We have junior HR consultants managing the contract process. This frees up a lot of time for legal and HR - it’s a massive relief.”
  • Impressive time-savings: “Previously, if someone sent me a standard form contract to sign, I would commit to signing within three days. Now, with Juro, I can approve the contract immediately.”
  • Improved candidate experience: “Using Juro for our HR contracts has been a game-changer for me. Moving HR online adds to the candidate experience; we have really slick contracts to sign online rather than lawyers sending candidates a 15-page document from the dark ages!”
"By enabling our teams to self-serve, Juro reduced our need to hire a second lawyer"

The results: more velocity, more visibility

Appear Here wanted to streamline the end-to-end contract process and gain complete visibility into the contract lifecycle, letting the HR team delight candidates, and the commercial team close deals without friction.

Now that the business is using Juro, across legal, HR and commercial teams, time-consuming contract workflows are a thing of the past. “There’s no greater ROI than the fact that by enabling our teams to self-serve, Juro reduced our need to hire a second lawyer.

It’s a great tool that both legal and commercial teams find easy to use, and the Juro team are always responsive and supportive. I would definitely recommend Juro.”

Ready to automate routine contracts?

Juro users typically win back 70% of time spent on contract admin.

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