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Scaling legal
November 19, 2021

What are the hottest topics in legal right now? What challenges do legal teams at high-velocity companies face? We're lucky enough to find the answers to both questions through our community of in-house lawyers and legal operations teams - either via events, or through the conversations that take place in our Slack group. 

These insights were so valuable, we decided to launch a quarterly publication called The Bundle, sharing the latest from our community.

Download The Bundle: volume 1, issue #3 for need-to-know insights from scaleup lawyers.

What's inside?

This issue of The Bundle is introduced by Juro's community team, and focuses on four main sections.

1. Contracts in 2022 🔮

Your business runs on contracts - so what does the future of legal documents look like? In this section you can read about:

  • Contract standardization with the co-founder of the oneNDA initiative, Electra Japonas - why is standardization important? How did Electra create the concept of oneNDA? And what's next for the initiative?
  • How contracts are evolving, with Juro’s co-founders - which systems do lawyers use to agree and manage contracts? Do we see this changing in the future?  

Plus, you’ll get a chance to see oneNDA in Juro, and try it out for yourself.

2. Enabling the business 💬

What does the business really want from its legal team? In this section we explore:

  • The relationship between operations and legal teams in our collaboration case study with Liberis. How can legal enable operations at a high-growth scaleup? And conversely, what can operations do to enable legal? Liberis' GC, Alexis Alexander, and head of global operations, Hanna Sommer, share their perspectives
  • What legal’s key internal clients expect from their colleagues. Download this issue to hear from Omnipresent's director of sales, Kaoru Fujita, HelloFresh's global VP talent, Yasar Ahmad, and Finiata's CFO, Christoph Nicola

Download the latest issue of The Bundle here.

3. Information governance: best practices 💻

How should in-house lawyers at scaleups keep essential legal knowledge organized and accessible as the business scales? It’s a key challenge for fast-growing businesses, especially with key milestones like funding rounds and exit events on the horizon.

In this section we hear from Pollen's GC, Stephanie Ng-Fragner, on how she's managed knowledge-sharing at scale to set her business up for success. We also hear from Habito's GC, Rohan Paramesh, on how he would approach information governance - and how scaleup lawyers can get started building their own legal workspace.

4. In-house legal careers: from lawyers to CEOs 🚀


What are your career options as an in-house lawyer? Most scaleup lawyers trained at City law firms - hierarchical environments where the career ladder is clearly defined from day one.

But if you move in-house and make it to General Counsel - what then? Some companies have the Chief Legal Officer role, but some don’t, so is that the ceiling on your career unless you move to a bigger company?

We look at a different career path that many lawyers (including myself!) have taken - becoming a CEO and founder. In this section you'll hear from:

  • Mary Bonsor, CEO and co-founder of Flex Legal, an online platform that helps recruit temporary paralegals (Need to recruit temps? We've got a free recruitment agreement template for that)
  • Julia Salasky, CEO and founder, the online platform bringing law firms into the digital world
  • Janvi Patel, co-founder and chairwoman of the alternative legal service provider, Halebury

What skills transfer, what lessons did our lawyers-turned-CEOs learn in the process, and what advice can they offer budding legal entrepreneurs?

Download our latest issue of The Bundle to read all about the latest topics in legal.

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