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signNow allows users to collect signatures on digital forms quickly. But are its features robust enough to monitor, measure and control a rapidly expanding universe of contracts? Scroll down for a comparison, or hit the button to see for yourself.

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signNow: basic eSignature

signNow's eSignature tool helps to reduce manual effort and hassle when obtaining electronic signatures on digital forms. But does its solution offer the flexibility and control that high-growth companies need as contract volumes grow month by month?

Let’s explore the features, pricing and limitations of signNow in comparison to Juro’s all-in-one contract automation platform.

signNow limitations

signNow is a useful tool for gathering electronic signatures on high-volume forms such as media releases. Realtors and other professionals who need to collect in-person signatures while working in the field also appreciate signNow for its simplicity and convenience.

However, signNow may not be right for legal and business teams that are looking for end-to-end contract workflow functionalities.

Legal counsel at high-growth companies also need collaborative negotiation and editing capabilities, automated self-service functions, and data analytics to effectively manage an ever-expanding contract universe.

Key issues users struggle with when using signNow are:

  • Growing pains: users report unpredictable limitations, like the inability to label incoming files. This makes organising growing volumes of records increasingly difficult
  • A limited stand-alone product: signNow is a basic eSignature solution, and is only one part of the airSlate Business Cloud offering, a larger ecosystem of digital tools that users must buy into to access more useful functions
  • Doesn’t support cross-organisational alignment: signNow lacks many of the advanced team-sharing, self-service, and auto-complete functionalities that legal teams need to streamline the end-to-end contract workflow
  • The “black box” effect: contracts remain stagnant inside an impenetrable “black box” - you can't search, collect or analyse their data

Today’s visionary legal counsel and the business teams they support need one unified workspace that makes it easy for them to collaborate on and manage contracts. An all-in-one contract automation platform offers an extensive set of features that deliver many benefits.

Let's explore Juro's benefits as an all-in-one contracting solution.

Juro benefits

✍️ A flexible editor, custom-built for contracts

Contracts are necessary - they don't have to be evil. Unlike signNow's rigid PDF environment, Juro's editor supports rich media and advanced formatting, bringing your contracts to life as dynamic, digital documents.

Better contract design has a proven link with better contract outcomes, so why not create contracts that people actually want to sign, setting the right tone for your new business relationship from day one?

Create beautifully designed contracts in seconds

🌐 Efficient contract creation, editing, and approval workflows

PDFs in signNow are locked against editing, especially when being sent for signature. While this has some advantages at certain points, PDFs are generally an inflexible format for collaboration.

Juro offers a convenient in-browser editor that allows parties to review, edit and approve contracts in one place. Negotiators work in a dynamic environment with sidebar collaboration where they can tag team members for discussion and control which edits and comments others see.

Advanced features like a no-code workflow builder and conditional logic allow business users to create new contracts through a self-serve Q&A workflow using standardised templates.

Collaborate on contracts in one unified workspace

💬 Query contract data in real time

eSignature is often just one part of a much larger process. Juro gives you a holistic view of all your contracts along with the ability to query them in real-time and at scale.

Handling M&A deals is a breeze with powerful search functions that surface and diagnose relevant contracts automatically.

Fast-growing companies that need to manage increasing volumes of MSAs, NDAs, supplier and vendor contracts, and partnership agreements use Juro to digitally monitor their contracts with a rich analytics stack.

Identify bottlenecks in your contract workflow with Juro's analytics function

signNow pricing

The signNow basic Business Plan pricing starts at $20 per user per month ($8 if paid yearly). Many of the modern features legal teams are looking for don’t kick in until you purchase a higher-priced plan. Also, you’ll have to pay additional fees for each person in your organisation who needs to send documents for signature.

signNow can also accelerate the process to obtain remote signatures on digital forms. However, unless you buy into its higher-priced plans, it restricts you to basic eSignature functionalities. The more collaboration and automation you need, and the more contracts you must manage, the faster those expenses will increase.

If you need more than just eSignature, Juro has a plan that works for you now and scales as you grow. Juro is built to bolster fast-growing companies with the flexibility, speed, and control they need to flourish in a rapidly evolving world.

Juro offers flexible plans to suit any business. Check out our pricing page to find a plan that's right for your business.

signNow reviews

Read independent signNow reviews

signNow is rated on G2 with ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.6/5), with 63 1-3 star reviews, and on Capterra with ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.6/5) with 25 1-3 star reviews.

G2’s direct comparison page rates Juro equal to or higher than signNow in 6 out of 7 key areas and states that reviewers feel that Juro is easier to do business with overall, finding:

  • Reviewers felt that Juro meets the needs of their business better than signNow.
  • When comparing quality of ongoing product support, reviewers felt that Juro is the preferred option.
  • For feature updates and roadmaps, reviewers preferred the direction of Juro over signNow.

Here are some verified reviews from signNow users:

“Once a document is uploaded, you can't edit it directly anymore. You have to edit the original and reupload it into SignNow. It can be time-consuming”
“I wish there was a way to create the document in signNow so that it was easier to edit”
“I don't like how it's just an app for signing contracts. For the price, I could put it towards a package software with many other features”

Read independent Juro reviews

Juro is top-rated on Capterra (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8/5) and G2 (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8/5), leading the category for Ease of Setup and Quality of Support.

Juro users say:

"We've created a workflow that is scalable, quicker, automated and allows other teams to self-serve their contracts"
“No need to edit documents and export PDFs to then manually email to clients - you can do everything in the platform”
"Juro has helped with the speed of contracting, saving the legal team time to allow them to focus on higher-risk deals"

Read more about users’ experience with Juro on G2 and Juro on Capterra or head over to our case studies to find out more.

"Excellent contract management tool for scaling start-ups"

Juro completely lifted the burden off our legal team by empowering our Sales team to handle the majority of small business contracts from start to finish.

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"Juro's LegalTech is my go-to Contract and Document Management Solution"

The ease in which you can create contract templates, issue contracts, and simplify the journeys for commercial teams to raise contracts using smart fields.

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"The future is here!"

Easy to learn, intuitive GUI, anyone can use it without training. The Q&A function is amazing and let me as a legal person focus on contracts.

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