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“Juro is the most connected and automated contract system I’ve ever encountered"


Gopuff's people and culture team wanted a contract automation platform that could automate HR contracts and streamline the rider onboarding process. Find out how they achieved this and more through Juro.

Scaling HR contracts at a hypergrowth business

Gopuff is a US-based delivery startup that allows customers to order snacks, essentials, and more through their website, or via the Gopuff app. Gopuff recently raised $1 billion in its Series H round in June 2021, which valued the startup at $15 billion.

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The challenge: avoiding the ‘perfect cocktail of disaster’

Gopuff was going from strength to strength, from their Series H round to multiple acquisitions. But with this growth came challenges for the people and culture team when it came to onboarding paperwork.


Luke Hextall, who leads Gopuff’s People Operations in Europe, works with a lean team of 10 people, serving a business boasting 10,000 employees overall. HR contract volumes were growing, but the workflow was extremely painful.

“Our process had around 18 administrative steps, which meant it took up to 20 minutes to onboard one rider,” Luke explained.

“One of the biggest concerns that we had was that we wouldn’t be able to keep pace with the business. We had several points of failure, and if we didn’t resolve the problem, it would’ve been a perfect cocktail of disaster.”

Gopuff hired additional administrators to help the team balance the workload, but knew it was a temporary fix - given the anticipated growth of the business in 2022, he needed to find a permanent solution.

The requirements: what did Gopuff need?

Luke wanted a contract automation platform that could help the people and culture team onboard riders at scale. He wanted a solution that:

  • Integrated with other systems: “I wanted to automate our flow of data in a way an eSignature tool couldn’t achieve for us.”
  • Scaled with Gopuff’s rider population: “I wanted to mass send and sign anywhere between 50 to 200 rider contracts a week.”
  • Created a unified workspace for contracts: “having a clear, universal template within our contracts platform would save us weeks of work.”

Of all the options they considered, Juro best suited Gopuff’s needs as a scaling business. Luke had also implemented Juro in a previous role, and knew it could solve all the issue his team faced with routine contract admin.

"We can submit offer forms in Greenhouse, and mass send in Juro. We’re always confident that a contract generated in Juro is ready to go”

The solution: a reliable system of record for contracts

Gopuff implemented Juro in December 2021, getting to value and sending contracts out within just two weeks. Luke set up Juro’s Greenhouse integration, and also used Zapier to integrate with Airtable, allowing the HR team to keep its current systems of choice - but automated some 80 per cent of onboarding admin.

  • Dramatic time-savings: “we’ve gone from 20 minutes onboarding to just under five per person. Juro has removed a chunk of manual work and created a really solid flow of data between systems.”
  • Seamless integrations: “our integrations offer us a single flow of data with a single source of truth. If Juro didn’t have them, we would’ve found ourselves using multiple spreadsheets, and increasing the risk of human error as we scaled.”
  • Negotiation and signing in one place: “we completed two weeks of work in a day, thanks to Juro’s mass signing feature. In-browser negotiations were really useful as well, allowing people to comment on the contract and clarify terms.”
  • Contracts ready in a few clicks: “we don’t need to prepare HR contracts individually. We can submit ten offer forms in Greenhouse, and mass send all ten in Juro. We’re always confident that a contract generated in Juro is ready to go.”
“Juro has removed the need for us to hire people to focus on admin work, and that’s the biggest win”

The results: riders onboarded 75 per cent faster

Through Juro, Luke and his team could create a reliable flow of data and ensure that their contract process was scalable. The people and culture team didn’t have to do the heavy lifting on contracts anymore, and could focus on high-value work instead.

“Burnout would’ve been a huge issue for us if we didn’t implement a solution. We have a lot of talented people working on the field side of HR, and they found their time being taken over by menial tasks, instead of value-added work. Juro has removed the need for us to hire people to focus on admin work, and that’s the biggest win,” Luke said.

“Previously, with our eSignature tool, we’d spend around five minutes per contract - going from 10 contracts a week to 500, the time spent on admin skyrockets. Now, through Juro and Greenhouse, it takes 30 seconds.”

“I think Juro is the most connected and automated contract generation system I’ve ever encountered. It’s given us the flexibility to utilize data from a contract in a way that we’ve never been able to do, and I would absolutely recommend it.”

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