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“The time I spend negotiating terms has been reduced by 75% thanks to Juro”


How did Curve streamline negotiations and reinvent the candidate experience? Answer: Juro.

Reinventing the candidate experience

Curve is a fintech company that allows users to connect all their bank accounts to a single smart card. Curve’s mobile app lets users make payments and withdrawals from a single card. The business was founded in 2016 to make banking more accessible and manageable, and raised $95m in Series C funding in 2021.

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The challenge: time-consuming negotiations

Juro and Curve case study

Like many fast-paced scaleups, Curve’s main priority was growth. The recruitment process was in full swing, hiring for both engineering and operations teams, but Curve’s contract workflow was time-consuming.

Negotiation with candidates would lead to a back-and-forth process between Word and PDFs that would impact the operations team, but also any team waiting for the candidate to start their new role.

Curve’s HR business partner, Karolina Plaskaty, felt the pressure of completing the hiring process as quickly possible: “I’ve onboarded more than 170 people in nine months. We’re rapidly scaling our team, so I could have anywhere between 20-30 contract requests at any given time.”

Delaying time-to-sign meant delaying onboarding, so deadlines and projects within the relevant team would be pushed to accommodate this new hire.

The requirements: what did Curve need?

Curve wanted to find a solution that would unblock these bottlenecks and simplify the hiring process. The current negotiation workflow involved removing, editing and reuploading a document with the updated changes. This workflow was manual, unscalable - and could negatively impact the candidate experience.

It was also important that the system offered insights into hiring, allowing Karolina’s team to identify and mitigate bottlenecks. “We spend a lot of time chasing stakeholders who are blocking us from sending contracts for signing. Having a solution that can offer us this insight would streamline the process.”

“We can respond to comments in real time - there’s a personal touch to the candidate experience, and this leads to faster turnaround”
Juro and Curve case study

The solution: a streamlined, scalable hiring process

In November 2019, Curve implemented Juro to supercharge their contract process. Juro’s implementation team hosted a meeting with Curve’s operations team, and Curve began using Juro within a few hours. Alongside rapid deployment, the benefits of Juro were evident:

  • Reduced time-to-hire: "the talent team has reduced their hiring process from 35 days to 27 overall, from interview to onboarding. Time-to-hire is one of the values we use to measure success in the operations team; through Juro, we’ve processed candidates through the funnel really quickly.”
  • Streamlined negotiations: with Juro’s in-browser commenting features, negotiations are seamless. “The time I spend replying to candidates and negotiating terms has been reduced by 75 per cent thanks to Juro. I can answer questions and make amendments to the contract immediately without having to remove and re-upload.”
  • Enhanced candidate experience: “we can respond to comments and questions on the offer letter in real time, which makes a huge difference to the candidate - they feel looked after, there’s a great personal touch to the experience, and this leads to faster turnaround.”
  • Actionable data insights: “with Juro we can accurately measure how long it takes to reach signature, and we can address this on an individual basis. Juro delivers insights on the end-to-end process, so we can identify bottlenecks and streamline the workflow.”

“Other teams noticed how the people ops team was using Juro to generate offer letters ... now Juro’s the default platform for anyone creating NDAs or letter-headed documents”

The results: faster hiring, happier candidates

Before Juro, Curve’s contract process negatively impacted the business’ hiring objectives. Since implementing Juro in 2019, teams across the business have seen value from a more efficient offer letter workflow.

“Other teams noticed how the people operations team was using Juro to generate offer letters. They wanted to use it too, so now Juro’s also the default platform for anyone creating NDAs or letter-headed documents.”

Juro also delivered a valuable return on investment: “Candidate experience is really important and Juro has helped with that return. I would absolutely recommend Juro; I’m really excited when I use it, it makes my life so much easier, and I’m telling everyone about it!"

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