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“Juro is incredibly low-maintenance. Once you implement, it’s good to go, and you trust it works”


How did Mentimeter use Juro to enable the sales team, create a contracts repository, and standardize their legal documents? Find out in our case study.

Case study: self-serve contracts from Salesforce

Mentimeter is an audience engagement platform that transforms conventional online presentations into interactive experiences. Mentimeter is headquartered in Stockholm, with customers in over 220 countries.

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The challenge: an unscalable contract process


With Mentimeter scaling as quickly as it is, the contract process was too manual to be scalable, and ran the risk of slowing down progress on deals.

Mentimeter’s sales team used Dropbox, Word, emails, and Salesforce to generate and send out routine contracts. Multiple tools created inconsistency in the process, as Sahana Jayashankar, Sales Operations Manager at Mentimeter, explained.

“It was painful at times - some people would create contracts on an opportunity level, others on an account level. And some would create contracts without connecting the document to any of our other systems. There was no structure to our process.”

This also impacted Mentimeter’s legal team, who work closely with sales. Legal consisted of two lawyers, supporting a business of over 200. The pressure was on to enable sales - but a clunky, manual contract process was an obstacle.

“We would negotiate contracts by sending Word files with tracked changes, back and forth, until we reached an agreement,” recalled Marcus Gustafsson, Junior Legal Counsel.

“I’d also handle questions from sales on the process itself - where to find contracts, how the counterparty should sign, and so on. I realised 50 per cent of my time was spent working with sales on contracts. I wanted legal to remove itself from the equation, so sales had full ownership.”

“Juro is incredibly low-maintenance. Once you implement Juro, it’s good to go, and you trust that it works”

- Sahana Jayashankar, Sales Operations Manager, Mentimeter

The requirements: what did Mentimeter need?

Sahana and Marcus wanted a contract automation platform that could:

  • Standardize commercial contracts. “There were agreements being sent out from old templates, which meant that there was a risk that information wasn’t up to date and that the same type of agreements would have different legal obligations,” Marcus explains.
  • Make contracts searchable in one unified workspace. “I wanted to get a better overview of our agreements by making them searchable after they were signed,” he says.
  • Integrate seamlessly with Salesforce. “One of the important features in our contracts platform was the integration with Salesforce - it was important for us to make contracts as frictionless as possible for our sales users,” Sahana adds.

Of all the options they considered, Juro integrated with Salesforce and best suited their needs as a scaling SaaS business.

The solution: more contracts in less time


Mentimeter implemented Juro in August 2021, to standardize sales contracts, and free up legal’s time for more high-value work. Sahana, Marcus, and their respective teams started getting value from Juro instantly - using the platform to agree and manage 30 contracts a month, in one secure platform.

  • Low maintenance: “Juro is incredibly low-maintenance,” Sahana said. “Once you implement Juro, it’s good to go, and you trust that it works.”
  • Negotiations made easy: thanks to Juro’s frictionless in-browser workflow, Marcus and the legal team can discourage lengthy negotiations over low-value contracts. “Before Juro, counterparties would convert a PDF contract into Word to make amendments. In Juro, however, they move straight to eSignature.”
  • Watertight version control: “In a Google Doc, I could change the template, but there was always a possibility that individual team members would have their own versions saved locally - it was much more challenging,” Marcus said. “When I change the templates in Juro, sales automatically self-serves from that updated version.”
  • A contract automation platform anyone can use: “sales is speeding up their contract processes, and pushing out agreements at a much faster rate,” Marcus said.
“If we had continued with the old contract process, legal would’ve become bottlenecks in the sales process”

- Marcus Gustafsson, Junior Legal Counsel, Mentimeter

The results: a streamlined, standardized contract process

Through Juro, Marcus and Sahana were able to standardize contracts, build a contracts repository, and let sales stay in Salesforce.

“If we had continued with the old contract process, legal would’ve become bottlenecks in the sales process,” Marcus said.

Now, thanks to Juro, sales has ownership of routine agreements, and I get to spend time on tasks that have a scalable impact on the business - the tasks that really matter.”

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