Richard Mabey

Juro's legal AI Assistant - what is it, and how can it help?

July 28, 2023

Since Juro’s inception, we’ve been excited about the potential for AI to transform legal services. 

The first generation of AI has made some strides in recent years but has not delivered a step change for the legal services industry. Lawyers rightly expect extremely good accuracy if AI is to accelerate our work and until now that hasn’t been fully possible. 

However, advances in large language models have totally changed the game. Accuracy is much much better and the range of tasks that can be completed broader.

Today therefore, we’re proud to launch our AI Assistant, which will help users to draft, summarize and review contracts 10x faster than with purely human-led processes. 

Our AI Assistant has been carefully designed in collaboration with our customers to be a partner to legal professionals, not a replacement for them. Underpinned by OpenAI and refined by our team to fit legal workflows, Juro’s AI Assistant automates routine contract tasks, leaving us lawyers to focus on higher value work while helping the business get contracts turned around faster than ever.

AI Assistant in action, all in one unified workspace

Of course, many new entrants to the legal tech market (and SaaS companies generally) are releasing AI offerings. So what makes Juro different?

1. Secure guardrails established by lawyers

Our AI Assistant has an inbuilt guardrails feature that enables legal teams to set the parameters of agreements on a template level in natural language. 

You can set negotiation parameters like “we won’t agree to liability caps in excess of $1m” and that will be reflected in the output of the AI when prompted. This means that the AI is not simply free to negotiate whatever it wants but instead is carefully directed by lawyers.

2. A feature built with privacy in mind

Many new entrants coming to market seem to have forgotten that contracts are your most sensitive business documents, and almost always contain personal data. 

So, we are offering EEA hosting for our interaction with GPT and have ensured that contracts and prompts are not sent to train LLMs. Equally, Juro is already SOC2 Type 2 compliant and holds the IASME certification for GDPR compliance so our data processes are already at the gold standard.

Add guardrails, input prompts, and insert the result directly into the contract

3. A collaborative, end-to-end workspace

Juro’s AI Assistant lives within our contract collaboration platform which already covers the entire contract lifecycle. In contrast to point solutions built in MS Word, our users can conduct all their contract tasks in one place without having to leave their browser. 

This means you only need one platform and makes Juro not simply a tool for legal but a business-wide system of record.

And we’re not stopping here. 

Over time, customers can expect that all aspects of the Juro platform will benefit from AI applications. 

You’ll see that our approach is simple - we will use the best technology available to solve customer problems in the best possible way. Sometimes that means integrations, sometimes that means workflows and collaboration tools. But sometimes it means AI too and there’s much more of it to come.

AI Assistant will be in beta for a little while. To get early access, head to the Juro editor or get in touch with your customer success manager who will be delighted to bring you on board.

Richard Mabey is the CEO and co-founder of Juro

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