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Looking for additional resources to help you with the in-house legal role, with contracts, and more? 

Browse through our recommended picks of resources for in-house counsel, and resources on all things contracts.

Resources for in-house counsel

In-house counsel reading list

The in-house role can be a daunting one. This reading list from Sterling Miller should help you prepare for life in-house at a fast-paced business - together with the resources available in this starter pack.

Get the “new to the job” in-house counsel reading list.

‍Workplace strategies for technology lawyers

David Sclar's book has been recommended several times in our community of in-house lawyers and legal operations experts. It’s full of interesting insights, tips on clear communication, strategies to help lawyers advise the business effectively, and more.

Buy workplace strategies for technology lawyers.

Legal for scaleups

How do you create, build and scale a legal function from the ground up? We gathered expert insights from legal at some of the world's most impressive businesses to find out.

Read the eBook 'Legal for Scaleups: create, build and scale a world-class legal function'.

Using Slack efficiently: Funnel

Funnel’s legal team has two incredible workflows set up to help them address and keep track of requests. For contract-related queries, the legal team has integrated Juro, Slack, and HubSpot. Funnel’s CLO, Victoria Sörving, explains more in her slides above - and you can also read about how Funnel use Juro here.

Find out how Funnel’s legal team uses Slack to work more efficiently. (Credit: Victoria Sörving, CLO, Funnel)

Contract resources

Free contract templates

We’re obsessed with contracts at Juro, and we’ve standardized some of the most commonly used documents templates for you to use. Find out how you can use the templates in Juro, or download as a PDF. 

Get free contract templates in PDF & in Juro.

How to Contract

How To Contract founder Laura Frederick knows a thing or two about contracts, given her experience as Senior Commercial Counsel at Tesla. How To Contract is a valuable resource where she runs through contract drafting and negotiation, sharing her top tips in a series of workshops.

Visit the How to Contract website.

Contract negotiation tips from Laura Frederick

Juro was thrilled to host a three-part masterclass with Laura Frederick, exclusively for members of our community. The sessions covered contract playbooks, negotiation techniques, and included a Q&A, which we’ve added here, with Laura’s insightful responses.

Find out more about contract negotiation tips from Laura Frederick.

How to create a contract playbook

When created effectively, a detailed contract playbook can enable teams to self-serve on contracts, freeing legal up for higher value and higher risk work. Here’s a deep dive on what a contract playbook is, and how you can create one that works for your business.

Find out how to create a contract playbook.

Bulk actions for contracts

What are bulk actions, how can they remove bottlenecks, and why should you choose a contract automation platform that offers them? We've created a deep dive to answer all your questions.

Read all about bulk actions for contracts.

Managing contracts in different platforms

The best contract workflows allow teams to work efficiently from their platform of choice. Find out how to manage contracts in these various systems.

Salesforce | HubSpot | Microsoft Dynamics

Workday | Greenhouse | SharePoint | Zendesk

The tech contracts handbook

If you’re responsible for IT deals, and getting them over the line, then this is a useful resource by David W Tollen - covering business issues behind clauses in a variety of contracts, including cloud computing agreements and software licenses.

Read the tech contracts handbook, by David W Tollen.

Law Insider's contracts teardown show

How can you draft and negotiate contracts? The contracts teardown show, by Law Insider, explores the different types of contracts you may have to deal with, and enables viewers to develop their skills as effective negotiators.

Watch the contracts teardown show.

World Commerce & Contracting Association (WorldCC)

WorldCC (formerly IACCM) is the place to learn about contracting techniques - have a browse through their reports and upcoming events. 

Browse the World Commerce & Contracting Association's website.

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