Richard Mabey

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July 1, 2019

What if paperwork didn’t block closing?

We know how important it is to create a frictionless process to get deals over the line. With the end of the quarter in the rear-view mirror, it’s a great time to reflect on how to accelerate contracts. If you missed our live webinar, here’s how Juro’s Salesforce integration can enable sales teams to create robust contracts that legal will sign off - without having to leave the tool they all love.

Creating sales contracts via Juro’s conversational Q&A flow is quick and easy - that’s why our customers love it - but for a sales rep, jumping out of Salesforce and getting involved in contract management is still a duplication of your efforts. And any time spent duplicating effort is time not spent selling - hard to justify for a sales rep. Here’s how you create Juro contracts without ever leaving Salesforce:


So far, so good: even better, you can use the conversational Q&A flow to collect additional information from the customer, like making sure you have their VAT number, or legal address, or any other key datapoint that might slow you down later. If you want to add products to the contract, doing so in Salesforce will automatically update the dynamic tables in your Juro contract.

Once your contract is ready to sign, Juro’s unique signing capability helps remove even more blockers to sales. If the counterparty is stalling as they’re out of the office, they can use mobile-responsive, legally binding e-signature to sign on the move.

When the contract is signed, it’s automatically saved as a PDF into the opportunity’s files in Salesforce, for a smooth hand-off to your onboarding team. As an end-to-end process, it’s great to have accurate data, close faster, expend less effort and stay in the tool you love. All of this shouldn’t be underestimated. But where our customers find real added value by using this integration is how it helps to build better relationships within the business.

Staying in one platform minimises the risk of human error, which is a constant source of friction between sales and legal when it comes to contracts. Sales care about closing, legal care about contract accuracy; integrating Juro with Salesforce aligns both goals and lets people concentrate on what matters most to them, without compromising on quality. And happier people will always make sales flow faster.

If you'd like to see our Salesforce integration in action, request a demo today and find out how Juro could save time and reduce risk for your business.


Richard Mabey is the CEO and co-founder of Juro

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