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Legal ops, scaling legal and climate action - all in The Bundle: issue #4

Scaling legal
February 16, 2022

What are the hottest topics in legal right now? We're lucky enough to find the answers through our private community of in-house legal teams and legal ops professionals.

In fact, some of these insights were so valuable we decided to launch a quarterly publication, called The Bundle, to share the latest from our community.

What's inside?

In this issue of The Bundle, we cover three main sections.

1. Legal operations how-tos 🤖

What can lawyers do to make legal operations more manageable, on top of all their other responsibilities? In this section, you’ll hear from:

  • Sean Houston, Legal Operations Manager at Heineken, on how he created a legal tech roadmap to align a global legal team
  • Alistair Houghton, GC at Curve, on hacking existing tools together to make legal more efficient
  • Rebecca McKenzie, legal counsel at Codat, on tracking budgeting and legal spend

2. Lawyers fighting climate change 🌎

Lawyers have a huge role to play in helping their organizations achieve Net Zero and guard against greenwashing. How do they get started? In this section we discuss the options available to them with:

  • Becky Annison, Director of Engagement at The Chancery Lane Project
  • Adam Woodhall, CEO and co-founder of Lawyers for Net Zero
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3. Scaling the legal team 📈

The final section in issue #4 is around scaling the legal team - how do you go from being the sole counsel at a business, to managing a global legal function? We heard from lawyers who have been there and done it, such as:

  • Dylan Marvin, CLO at Cision, on how to map out your legal team
  • Natalie Salunke, Head of Legal at RVU, on the reasons scaleup lawyers should invest in a legal internship programme
  • Xavier Langlois, GC at Beamery, on the 'pay it forward' nature of internship programmes
  • Caroline O'Connor, GC at Tractable, on hiring specialist lawyers

By understanding when to scale, who to hire and how to use different roles to serve the business better, you can set your team up for success.

If you're looking to learn more about all these topics, download The Bundle by clicking on the banner above.

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Legal ops, scaling legal and climate action - all in The Bundle: issue #4

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