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Get the guide: Scaling your legal team - who to hire, how and why

How do high-growth businesses like Monzo, Zoopla and Habito create their legal dream teams? Get the expert insight from their GCs in our free guide.

Hiring your first in-house lawyer is hard. If you don’t have one, then you need to know how to find good candidates and interview them properly. Lawyers are expensive; and those who trained at top firms, or come from prestigious in-house teams, are in high demand, with long notice periods and no shortage of suitors.

The kind of high-growth businesses that we tend to work with often lament that they hired their first lawyer too late, meaning that the lawyer’s inbox on day one involved putting out big fires, rather than getting to know the business, becoming a true strategic adviser and putting robust processes in place before things got out of hand.

But if you’re in place as the first lawyer, then hiring the second person in your team - and potentially the third and fourth - can be a huge headache. Dean Nash, the GC and Chief Legal Officer at Monzo, told us that hiring his second pair of hands took up 30 per cent of his time - a pretty crushing overhead when you’re already growing like crazy.

"Get first-hand insight from legal leaders, gathered at companies like Zoopla, Monzo, Peakon, Fleetcor and Habito, on how they put their high-growth teams together"

Similarly, lawyers jumping to in-house roles at tech startups are often earlier in their careers than enterprise GCs; they might not have done much hiring before. At the breakfast briefings we regularly hold for tech GCs, we often hear lawyers share the difficulties they’ve faced in building an efficient, robust process for scaling their team.

That’s why we put this guide together: to share our learnings around what to expect from each type of role, where to find the right candidates, and how to run an efficient, effective hiring process without ruining your life. Read on to get first-hand insight from legal leaders, gathered at companies like Zoopla, Monzo, Peakon, Fleetcor and Habito, on how they put their high-growth teams together, and why they made the choices they did. Then hear from recruitment gurus CharlieHR on how to manage that process the right way.

I’m grateful to each of our experts for contributing, and I hope that their insight will make your journey from growth stage to dream team a little quicker - and a little easier.

Click here to download 'Scaling your legal team: who to hire, how and why', featuring insights from legal leaders at Monzo, Zoopla, Habito, Peakon, Fleetcor and CharlieHR.

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