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Get the guide: Scaling B2B Sales - how to build a revenue rocket ship

When I started Juro I knew almost nothing about sales. But I knew I needed to get my hands dirty and learn, or I had no chance of leading the team in the right way.

So I set out to prospect, qualify and close some deals myself. It didn't come easy - I'm a lawyer by training after all. But I managed to close $350k in ARR myself before we really started building the sales team.

Now three years into Juro, we've reflected on those learnings and - much more importantly - asked some *actual experts*. The kind of people I wish I'd had around when I was trying to figure this out for myself. Justin Welsh, on how to prepare for scaling all the way to $50m in ARR; Nazma Qurban showing me how to build pipeline from scratch and keep pipeline realism in the team; Ben Wright teaching me how to build the playbook from the outset and iterate over time; Ananda Mele on hand to help us break into new markets and get the footholds we needed; Dean Eggleton to help us set up the right analytics stack for each stage of the journey and keep data-driven; and James Ski to make sure we build the team in the right way and manage for a high performance culture. 

We're thrilled to share those insights with you, right now - together with these proven thought leaders, we produced 'Scaling B2B Sales: how to build a revenue rocket ship'. Download a free copy below 👇


As Justin Welsh puts it so well:

"Pick up this eBook, jump into the table of contents, and learn how to fix a problem. Establish a new framework. From outbound selling, to creating playbooks, managing team pipeline and accelerating revenue, the Juro team has you covered. Just remember: no matter what stage you’re at, what dollar amount you’ve collected, what mistakes you’ve made... There is always a way forward. We’re here to help."

Grab a copy now - and happy scaling.

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