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2021 Tech GC report will reveal legal's biggest challenges - launching soon

Scaling legal
August 13, 2021

Every year we survey in-house lawyers at fast-growth companies for the Tech GC report. As we prepare the 2021 edition for launch, here's a sneak peek at some of our most interesting findings.

Juro's annual Tech GC report is published annually in partnership with Wilson Sonsini. This year's report explores the ever-evolving in-house legal role, lawyers' relationship with legal tech, and much more - with on-the-record insights from legal leaders at some of the world's most successful scaleups. Launching on the 17th August! 

So what did we learn from speaking with 80 respondents this year?

1. Lawyers are happy in-house 🤗

Of the lawyers we surveyed, 76 per cent of respondents said they were satisfied with their current roles, or looking to get promoted in-house. Flexible working may have played a role in this - our research in January 2021 showed that 70 per cent of lawyers would prefer to work remotely at least half of the time. This seems to be a more viable option at a dynamic scaleup than at a well-established corporation accustomed to a certain way of working. 

In the Tech GC report, we: 

  • Explore other findings around lawyers and their in-house roles
  • Look at whether respondents prefer in-house over private practice
  • Ask in-house lawyers how they feel about their roles

2. Legal's relationship with legal tech is changing

We interview some of the brightest minds in the industry, asking scaleup lawyers about legal tech. In the full report you can find out why lawyers are hesitant to adopt legal tech, and what they look for in a legal tech solution.

We also explore the tech stack lawyers use every day; when asked about the latest platform legal had implemented, the results included:

  • Contract management platforms -  with 34 per cent 
  • Task management - 18 per cent
  • eSignature providers - 13 per cent
  • Knowhow, such as Practical Law - 13 per cent

How long did implementation take? Were lawyers satisfied with their decision? And if not, why not? All these questions and more will be answered in the full report - coming soon. 

3. Lawyers' biggest problems remain the same 😬

Despite positive change taking place in the legal function, and in the relationship between lawyers and legal tech, an interesting finding was that lawyers' top three challenges haven't changed over the past year.

This might have been compounded by the unique challenges that lawyers face now that companies have had to move to fully remote working, or it may be a challenge that can't be overcome so quickly. We asked our respondents about one of the most pressing issues - low-value work - to find out:

  • What this low-value work looks like
  • Why lawyers find themselves buried under low-value work
  • How legal can get out from under it

... and more. Find out more about the challenges legal faces in the full report - launching on the 17th August!

For more insights from visionaries looking to scale in-house legal, join our community of 400+ in-house lawyers and legal operations teams. 

Richard Mabey is the CEO and co-founder of Juro

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