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"Onboarding was so fast - we were using Juro on the second day after signing"


Find out how Tempo used Juro to offer candidates a great contract experience.

Delighting candidates with a frictionless contracts solution

Tempo is an end-to-end hiring platform that uses video, intelligent matching and automation to instantly match candidates with suitable roles. Tempo operates in London and Manchester, with further expansion planned, and is used by more than 400 companies, placing candidates at organisations like Monzo, Bulb and BCG. Tempo is cost and time efficient, reducing time to hire from 30 to 3 days.

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The challenge: make temp contracts painless

Tempo was born out of a frustration with the recruitment industry, where dealing with a middleman is often the norm, and a lack of efficiency and transparency creates a poor experience for candidates trying to kick-start their careers.

Juro and Tempo case study

Tempo addresses the pain in this process in several ways, one of which is by becoming the de facto employer of the candidates it places. Candidates agree their contract with Tempo, which then assigns them to clients. This means Tempo’s volume of contracts is big, and only getting bigger as the company grows.

Contracts needed to be frictionless, but clunky manual processes were getting in the way, according to Olivia Horsley, Tempo’s Head of Customer Success.

“The more hiring we were doing in customer success, the more people needed to deal with contracts, and we knew we needed to standardise the process,” Olivia explains. Contract production was slow and inefficient for both the team and Tempo’s candidates.

The requirements: what did Tempo need?

To stop contracts blocking growth, and make sure candidates had a great experience as they signed up for new roles, Tempo needed a way to bring consistency to the process, while reducing manual error and risk - all while speeding things up dramatically.

Practically they needed contract creation, editing, signature and management, all in a platform simple and accessible enough for candidates to use without training.

“Previously the end-to-end contract process would take 25 minutes - now it takes five”

The solution: value in days, not months

Olivia’s team implemented Juro in September 2018, with an initial deployment for two users to create the temp contracts that Tempo’s candidates sign.

Juro and Tempo case study
  • Instantaneous value: spending weeks and weeks getting to grips with new solutions is not an option for startups, who need to scale fast at all costs. The Juro customer success team focuses on getting new users to value within days - not months - and this made a big difference for Tempo: “The rollout was simple, setup was super-quick, and onboarding was so fast that we were using Juro on the second or third day after signing - almost instantaneous value,” Olivia says.
  • Transformative time-savings: Olivia found that her time spent managing contracts dropped dramatically once she ditched the manual processes and implemented Juro. “Previously the end-to-end contract process would take 25 minutes - now it takes five,” Olivia says. Aside from giving Olivia her day back, this means that contract processes don’t block growth, and the business can sign as many candidates as it wants.
  • A great experience for candidates: a key goal for Tempo was to make sure its candidates have an experience that’s friendly, accessible and not intimidating. Juro speeds up the process so they only need to spend a few minutes at the office signing. “Time to signature is much faster,” Olivia reports, “and a lot of candidates do it remotely.” They can use Juro’s responsive, native e-signature tool to e-sign securely on any device - even on mobile.

The results: contracts, managed.

With Juro’s deployment, Olivia found that contracts didn’t need to be a painful, manual process, stuck in endless paperwork and clunky legacy systems. Instead they can be effortless: Tempo can move quickly, candidates can sign easily, and both parties can have a great experience right when it matters most.

“Every time I log in to Juro and look at how many contracts have been signed,” says Olivia, “I’m amazed at just how many there are - because it just doesn’t feel like I’ve had to spend that much time doing it.”

Ready to automate routine contracts?

Juro users typically win back 70% of time spent on contract admin.

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