The 7 best legal AI chatbots for 2024

May 13, 2024
Discover 7 of the best legal AI chatbots for law firms and in-house legal teams in 2024, and how they compare.

What is a legal AI chatbot?

A legal AI chatbot is technology that uses artificial intelligence to engage in text-based conversations with users, providing legal information and assistance.

Legal AI chatbots are programmed with vast databases of legal knowledge. This allows them to answer a wide range of legal questions, from simple inquiries about legal definitions to more complex issues relating to contract review and compliance.

Benefits of using an AI chatbot in the legal industry

The legal industry is a great candidate for automation, with a recent study by Goldman Sachs estimating that 44 per cent of legal tasks could be automated. But what are the benefits of AI for lawyers, and how do legal AI chatbots deliver on these?

Increased productivity

Legal AI chatbots can significantly increase productivity for law firms and legal professionals by expediting manual processes and reducing the burden on lean in-house teams.

They can automate routine legal admin tasks, like creating contract summaries and legal research, allowing lawyers to focus more on complex legal work. This efficiency not only saves time but also reduces operational costs.

In-depth legal research

Legal AI chatbots can conduct in-depth legal research in seconds by scanning vast volumes of legal documents and precedents.

The chatbots' ability to analyze and present relevant legal information in a structured manner streamlines the research process. Lawyers can then verify this research and use it to quickly understand the legal landscape.

Improved access to legal information

AI chatbots provide a user-friendly interface for individuals seeking legal guidance. They enhance access to legal information by offering quick and accurate responses to legal queries, making legal knowledge more readily available to the general public.

This democratization of legal information empowers individuals to make informed decisions and better understand their rights and obligations.

Best legal AI chatbots for 2024

There are plenty of legal AI solutions on the market, and legal AI chatbots are no exception. However, different chatbots perform different functions for different legal professionals, so it's important to understand how they compare and which AI chatbot is right for you. Let's explore seven of the best solutions on the market in 2024/5.

1. Juro

Juro's legal AI assistant is a legal AI chatbot that specializes in contract management processes, enabling users to draft, summarize and review contracts 10x faster than with purely human-led processes.

Unlike most legal AI chatbots, Juro’s legal AI Assistant lives within an intelligent, end-to-end contract automation platform. Juro users leverage AI to review, draft and summarize contracts, but they can also create, negotiate, approve, sign, store, and manage their contracts in the platform.

This is what sets Juro apart from other legal AI chatbots on the market that act as point solutions.

Embedding a legal AI chatbot in the places where contracts are already being agreed and managed also means that the responses you get back are more contextual and accurate than those from chatbots that exist in silos and don't have any information about your organization's guardrails and parameters.


Juro's legal AI chatbot was also built with privacy in mind, offering EEA hosting for GPT interactions and ensuring that contracts and prompts are never sent to train LLMs. This solves for many of the security and privacy concerns that are front of mind for in-house legal teams today.

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2. Harvey AI

Harvey AI is a legal AI chatbot designed for law firms and consulting companies. It is one of the most recognized legal AI chatbots on the market, partnering with law firms like Allen & Overy and consulting giants like PwC

Like Juro’s legal AI assistant, Harvey AI is built on Open.AI’s GPT and uses natural language processing and machine learning to automate routine legal tasks like due diligence, litigation, and legal document analysis. 

The legal AI chatbot is also trained on the law firm’s templates and offerings, increasing the relevance and accuracy of the outputs as a result. 

3. LawDroid

LawDroid Copilot is a legal AI chatbot that law firms can use to automate documents, conduct legal research, and brainstorm ideas. This functionality enables LawDroid users to scale their processes and operate more efficiently. 

Separately to this, LawDroid offers a no-code AI development platform, enabling law firms to set up their own client-facing legal AI chatbots. It allows firms to incorporate video and other forms of content into their responses.

4. CaseMine

CaseMine is another GPT-powered legal AI chatbot designed to respond to inquiries and conduct legal research. Founded in India, this AI chatbot specializes in the retrieval of information, specifically judgments, opinions, and citation contexts from case law. 

CaseMine is distinct from many other legal AI chatbots because users can also access other functionality, including a visualization tool to see how various precedents have evolved over time and a way to focus on the opinions of specific judges. 

5. DoNotPay 

DoNotPay is a free consumer-focused legal AI chatbot. Unlike other legal AI tools that are designed to serve law firms and in-house legal departments, DoNotPay was designed to help consumers regain their power over big corporations. 

DoNotPay users can leverage AI responses to cancel services, dispute parking tickets, claim back money, and request refunds in instances where the companies they’re dealing with haven’t proven supportive. 

6. Casetext 

Casetext is a legal AI chatbot that works with law firms, litigators, and attorneys, making it one of the most dynamic on the market

Also known as CoCounsel, the legal AI chatbot can conduct legal research, prepare for depositions, summarize legal documents, and review them for compliance. This enables legal professionals to work faster and more efficiently on these tasks, freeing up time for higher-value projects. 

7. ChatGPT 

If you want to go back to basics, ChatGPT can also act as a legal AI chatbot, but only when it’s given the right context and prompts. 

In fact, most of the legal AI chatbots we’ve discussed in this article are built on GPT technology, but with some additional safeguards and training built in. 

It is also one of the cheapest alternatives to using a legal AI chatbot. However, it doesn’t have the same rich functionality as the other solutions do. 

For a more detailed overview of ChatGPT’s performance for legal teams, check out this guide to ChatGPT for lawyers

Find out more about AI for lawyers

AI can prove transformative for lawyers, but only if they fully understand the limitations, use cases and best practices. To find out more about using AI safely and effectively as a lawyer, check out the resources below.

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