How to manage contracts in Workday

January 26, 2023

As a market-leading HRIS, Workday's cloud-based solution solves lots of admin tasks for HR teams. But offer letters and employment contracts remain a headache - how do you solve it?

Well, by integrating Workday with a contract automation system, you can automate your company’s HR contracts, using the data stored in Workday to auto-populate your existing contract templates. And it couldn’t be easier. 

Discover how you can manage your HR contracts in Workday and reduce the time your HR and legal teams spend on contract admin by up to 70% in this post. 

What is Workday?

Workday is a cloud-based HR information system (HRIS) designed to track, store and manage employee data post-hire. This is distinct from HR systems like Greenhouse and Workable that mostly focus on capturing this data throughout the hiring cycle and not beyond. Workday provides a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to manage their talent, resources, and capital more efficiently, and it’s the system of choice for Netflix, GE, Airbus and Astra Zeneca and other medium-to-large-sized companies. 

But Workday can do more than just provide visibility into human resource data. When integrated with a contract automation platform like Juro, Workday can use this data to automate and populate HR contracts too. 

Why is HR contract management painful?

It’s common for employees’ contracts to change throughout their time at the company. Whether it’s granting them options, revising their compensation, or updating their contracts following a shift in company policy, most HR teams are yet to find a way to make contract management scaleable.

If your HR paperwork is governed by manual processes, then even simple tasks like reviewing compensation for existing employees can be excruciating. 

Firstly, HR and legal teams will need to manually update the contract’s contents and values. Doing this in a static PDF or Word document means copying and pasting certain terms into the contract, making changes across multiple versions of the file, and inserting all of the updated contract values by hand.

Sound familiar? Read how Deliveroo updated 1500 HR contracts in hours with Juro. Alternatively, hit the button below to find out how to Juro helps businesses reduce contract admin by up to 70%.

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It’s also challenging to communicate these contract amendments at scale. Within a traditional contract workflow, legal and HR teams will be tasked with emailing each individual an updated version of this contract. If they have any changes, these will then need to be drafted on a separate document, saved and emailed back and forth between the parties to be negotiated. Imagine how time-consuming this must be for fast-growth businesses with rapidly increasing contract volumes that scale ahead of HR and legal’s headcount. 

Even once the contract’s terms have been agreed upon with each individual employee, they then need to make sure every team member signs the contract. Even though most businesses no longer rely on wet ink signatures, this still requires manually sending out reminders and trying to keep track of who has signed the contract electronically - and who hasn’t.

Then comes the worst bit: manually extracting this contract data and recording it either in an excel sheet or Workday. Extracting this data from a static file means reading through each individual employment contract, finding the important values and manually inputting it into Workday (if that’s your system of record). 

Without a more efficient means of managing these contracts, HR and legal teams will remain bogged down in low-value admin work that prevents them from focusing on high-level strategic tasks instead. 

Is it possible to automate HR contracts in Workday?

Fortunately, with the right integrations in place, Workday users can eliminate this contract admin and automate legal documents at lightning speed. This can be achieved by integrating Workday with their contract management software

This integration is fairly simple to set up, particularly if the integration is a native one like Juro’s. It can either be set up by your contract tool’s customer success team, or it can be set up internally by your technical team, depending on your requirements. 

But what can you do once you’ve actually paired Workday with a contract tool? Let’s find out.

How to manage HR contracts in Workday

By integrating Workday with a contract automation tool like Juro, your HR teams are able to create contracts without needing to manually edit and input the employee’s data each and every time. 

Without an integration like this, businesses tend to manually input all of the employee data from Workday into contract templates they’ve drafted in Word, which can be a tedious and time-consuming process. 

But when you manage your HR contracts in Workday, this can all be automated. Here’s an example of how we do that in Juro.

Simply add a new contract and enter the employee’s name into the Q&A workflow. From there, all of the employee data is pulled automatically from Workday and used to auto-populate the contract’s smart fields.

Employee data is extracted from Workday's records and pulled into Juro...
...helping to automatically populate beautifully designed contract templates with accurate employee details

This means that everything from the employee’s ID number, full name, home address, salary and other details will appear in the relevant areas of the contract, as prompted by the automated template

This also makes it far easier to revise existing contracts for your employees at scale, as all of this information can be automatically populated within the contracts without the need for individual manual input. 

“The product was robust enough to handle everything we threw at it: we were already under a lot of pressure, as if we didn’t have the letters out in time, people wouldn’t receive their pay changes on time” Cameron Russell, Senior Award Analyst, Deliveroo

These contracts can then be negotiated, approved, and then signed electronically in-browser, ready to be stored in Juro’s contract repository where they are quick and easy to query.

The benefits of Workday contract management

  • Reduce the time spent on contract admin by up to 70%: By managing contracts in Workday, you no longer need to draft contracts from scratch and switch between multiple tools to get them over the line. Instead, you can manage your HR contracts from start to finish, all in one unified workspace. Find out how Curve reduced contract admin and supercharged their contract workflow in this case study.
  • Greater control over HR contracts: Rather than giving HR teams free rein when drafting new employment contracts, Juro’s automated contract templates are controlled by the key decision-maker. This eliminates inconsistencies and ensures that the correct values can be mapped directly from Workday into the agreement. 
  • Legal and HR share one system of record: When you integrate Workday with Juro, or another contract tool of your choosing, legal and HR can begin to work in harmony, with a single source of truth for both departments. Both Workday and Juro act as reliable repositories for contract and employee data. 
  • Visibility into the contract process: Unlike when HR contracts are created emailed over as static files, Juro’s integration with Workday makes it quick and easy for HR teams to see when employees have read their new terms. Managing contracts in Workday means full visibility into the progress of your contracts.
  • Contract workflow that scales with you: By removing the manual contract admin associated with updating and creating new contracts, managing contracts in Workday means that contracts can be refreshed at scale, without putting a strain on lean legal and HR teams

As the number of employees at your company increases as your scale, so will the number of HR contracts you manage. Fortunately, by capturing your employee records in Workday, populating and automating these contracts is made simple. 

Juro’s Workday integration empowers HR teams to move away from manual data entry and automate HR contracts at scale without leaving the platforms they love. Businesses that choose to manage their HR contracts in Workday using Juro are empowered to build successful and repeatable processes for their contract management

Automate contracts by integrating Workday with Juro 

Are you looking for an efficient and repeatable way to create and update HR contracts at scale? Try integrating Workday with Juro. 

Juro’s all-in-one contract automation platform integrates with Workday to enable HR teams to agree and manage HR contracts in one unified workspace. Fill in the form below to find out more.

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How to manage contracts in Workday

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