How to manage contracts using Workday

April 13, 2023
Discover how businesses like yours can use Workday to streamline HR contract creation in this how to guide.

What is Workday?

Workday is a cloud-based HR information system (HRIS) designed to track, store and manage employee data. The popular platform can be used for workforce management, payroll automation and even reporting.

But Workday can do more than just provide visibility into HR data. When integrated with a contract management solution like Juro, Workday can be used to streamline the process used to create HR contracts too. 

Why is HR contract management painful?

It’s common for employees’ contracts to change throughout their time at the company, whether you’re granting options, revising compensation, or updating contracts following a shift in company policy.

But the more employees you have, the more painful this process becomes. 

Manually copying and pasting the employee data stored in Workday into each employee’s contract is time-consuming, repetitive, and unscalable. Teams are forced to jump between different tools, draft contracts from scratch, and populate contracts one by one. 

Is it possible to streamline contract management using Workday? 

Fortunately, it’s possible for people and talent teams to generate contracts in Juro and automatically populate these using the employee data stored in Workday.

This eliminates the need for teams to jump between two different platforms and enter all of this data into the contract fields manually, which can be time-consuming for businesses that create and update employee contracts at scale. 

This is achieved through Juro’s unique, native integration with Workday. Let’s walk through how this integration works and what it looks like now. 

Workday contract management: how it works in Juro 

To create contracts and populate them using the data captured in Workday, teams simply need to create a new document in Juro by selecting an existing contract template. 

After selecting ‘User smartfields’ from the toolbar on the right-hand side of the screen, Juro users select ‘Workday search’ from the dropdown menu (as shown below). This will sync the data stored in Workday to the contract in Juro and allow users to choose certain employee profiles from the Workday database. 

They then select the relevant employee profile from the list, which triggers the rest of the employee’s data to be pulled into the contract template. This is great because it gives Juro users instant access to the data captured in Workday without having to move between platforms and tools.

As you can see in the screenshot below, all of the employee data stored in Workday is added to the relevant smartfields in the contract. This is because each data point in Workday corresponds to a smartfield in the contract template, enabling them to automate the data entry process, rather than inputting each value individually. 

There could also be some fields in the contract that aren’t auto-populated because they ask for information that isn’t stored in Workday. These can be populated quickly by completing Juro’s intuitive Q&A workflow, or by adding the text in the fields beside the contract. 

The benefits of integrating Workday with Juro

The biggest benefit of integrating Workday with Juro is that it enables your team to streamline the contract creation process and generate contracts faster with less admin work required. 

Specifically, the integration enables teams to mass-create HR contracts at scale since it eliminates the repetitive process of copying and pasting data in Workday and transferring it into the contract template. 

Instead, this data moves seamlessly between the two platforms and is used to auto-populate the contract template, with no manual work required. 

This means faster and more efficient contract management for people and talent teams, and less low-value contract admin for legal teams.

Find out more about integrating Juro with Workday

If you’re looking for an efficient and repeatable way to create and update HR contracts, it’s worth integrating Workday with a contract management solution like Juro. 

To find out more about Juro's integration with Workday and how it empowers businesses to manage HR contracts more efficiently, fill in the form below to speak to a specialist.

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