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February 8, 2023
Removing and replacing an existing contracts platform might sound daunting: change management, technical hurdles, and widespread adoption can all present challenges.

But don’t sweat - we’ve dealt with these situations for many customers making the switch to Juro, and can help you overcome these challenges to get up and running in week, not months.

Informing your current provider of the switch

Once you’ve decided to move ahead with Juro, you need to communicate this to your current contracts platform provider - usually in writing.

It’s important to know how much notice you need to give when terminating an existing contract - both for that vendor’s knowledge, and for our sales and implementation teams. This allows us to prepare accordingly and get you up and running in Juro as soon as your current timetable allows. Check your contract with your existing vendor to get more information on this.

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Getting your contracts ready for Juro

Getting all your contracts off one platform and into the other doesn’t need to be a technical nightmare - make sure you follow these three steps:

  • Download your templates from your existing platform as PDFs - this will preserve smartfields and conditional logic, if present. These can be uploaded into Juro in one go, thanks to Juro’s mass upload feature
  • Download your agreements as PDFs. These can be uploaded into Juro so they sit in your contract repository alongside your newly created documents
  • Export your contract metadata to a CSV. Exporting this data should only take a few minutes, and then you can import it into Juro with one click. Our implementation team can work with you to map the data to fields in your contract templates, ensuring data integrity

Our implementation team aims to make the process as painless as possible, and offers support on your CSVs and PDFs to ensure you’re set up without a hitch in Juro. It’s why we’re ranked #1 for ‘easiest setup’ and ‘fastest implementation’ in the contract management category on G2. 

Here's what our customers at Funnel, Luno, 11:FS and Paddle have to say about Juro's market-leading implementation.

How we can help you

Getting burned once by a CLM that couldn't deliver is painful enough - we're here to make sure it doesn't happen again. And it works - that's why our year 2 renewal rate is higher than 98 per cent. We make this happen by:

  • Arranging a kickoff session - the earlier the better. In this session, our team will align on your objectives, and set milestones that help you and your colleagues measure success with Juro
  • Ensuring you have access to support, whenever you need it. We’re rated #1 on G2 for ‘best support’ in the contract management category, and our average customer response time in 2023 is 90 seconds
  • Assigning you a dedicated team of implementation specialists. Our team tailor your workflows and integrations, and collaborate with you to get your workspace up and running, so you’re set up for success 

Our onboarding process is designed around you, to help you and the teams you enable get as much value from Juro as possible. For a full deep-dive on the end-to-end process of implementing Juro, check out our implementation guide.

Onboarding was super smooth - we were seeing value with contracts being created within a month
- Legal team, Cazoo | Case study

Making the most of Juro

There are a few steps you can take to make sure you start off strong in Juro. These steps will make implementation and onboarding a much smoother experience.

Make sure you understand your offboarding process

Your old contracts platform should have an offboarding process for customers ending the relationship - make sure you understand how they can help you as you move all your contracts from one platform into another. 

It’s important to do this sooner than later, as there’s often a deadline in the contract for requesting support. It’s also useful to clarify the data provisions that your existing vendor has in your contract with them.

In most cases, the vendor will help you with your contracts and data, making sure you have everything to hand for whichever approach you decide to take in the future.

If your current vendor can assist with this, it will save you a ton of time - make sure you leverage that support when moving to a new system. 

We uploaded our legacy contracts and made them searchable, and I was seeing the value by day two
- Legal team, Paddle | Case study

Have your contracts ready to upload

Having your contracts to hand as PDFs can save plenty of time as our implementation team sets up your workspace. We can create a contract repository for you with your legacy documents, tagging as needed so your signed contracts are searchable and accessible in Juro.

What’s more, the process of doing so only takes a few minutes - our mass-upload feature allows us to upload hundreds of documents in one go, so you don’t have to worry about time-consuming technical hurdles.

Juro's average implementation time in 2023 is 18 days. For more information on our implementation process, check out this deep dive on implementation at Juro.

Assign a point of contact in your team

Having a point of contact responsible for making sure this implementation runs smoothly is super valuable. This point of contact can streamline comms between Juro and your team, and also collaborate with us on contract work as we get you up and running in the platform. 

We're rated #1 in the contract management category on G2 - find out more here.

Agree and manage contracts with Juro

When making the switch from another contracts platform to Juro, it’s useful to remember that it’s faster to replace one with another than it is to start from scratch. 

This is because at this stage:

  • You’re acutely aware of the problem you’re trying to solve
  • You have experience with contract automation platforms, so you’re aware of what to expect
  • The idea of using a contracts platform is already embedded in the business

Hopefully with this information in mind you’re buzzing to kick off a positive experience with your contracts, in Juro. 

Considering switching to Juro? We’ll show you how we compare to other CLMs and the benefits you can expect when you make the switch. 

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