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Contract magic: Companies House integration

Save time and reduce risk with Juro's Companies House integration.

We help users in legal, sales and HR to create, manage, collaborate on and approve contracts, with a user experience that ensures high adoption of contract management software. To help our users get to watertight legal documents fast, we integrated Juro with the UK Companies House API.

This helps you do several things. Firstly, for your part, Juro can find your legal company name, registered address and company number, and instantly insert it in your contract. When it comes to the other parties to the contract, you can start typing the other company name, and Juro will find the relevant details for them too, and autofill the contract for you.


This means no time wasted looking up company addresses and numbers. It means an end to getting your invoices paid late, because of some typo in your document. It means less risk that a business user of Juro will omit an important detail - one of the most common headaches that cause friction between business and legal users. And because anyone can use it with confidence, your team will adopt the tool faster and more widely, leading to bigger time savings and higher ROI on your contract management software.

Integrated contract management software

Integrations are central to what we do at Juro, because we know our tool has to work where you do, and speak to all the systems you're comfortable using. You can also take advantage of Juro's integrations with Slack, Salesforce, G-Drive and Dropbox - and for HR users, we're the only contract management platform in the world to integrate with Greenhouse. 

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