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Scaling legal
September 14, 2022

This is a chapter from our quarterly, community-led publication, The Bundle. Download volume 2, issue #2 now for the latest insights from scaleup lawyers at Deel, Pitch, Luno and more.

No matter where you are in your career path, there’s a ton of value to be found in mentorship. 

In-house lawyers can feel isolated - especially in a lean team, with requests coming from every corner of the business. Being able to bounce ideas off another in-house lawyer who’s going through the same thing (or has seen it all before) can be priceless. 

"The current climate underlines the importance of having trusted advice, with uncertainties left, right and center"

That’s why we launched a mutual mentoring program in our community. Thirty-six of our members participated in the first cohort. With our Winter cohort launching soon, we spoke to previous participants to hear more about their experience:

  • Rebecca McKenzie, Head of Legal at Codat, discussed how she learned a lot about herself through her first role as a mentor
  • Shay Xiao, Legal Counsel at Dentsu, explains how mentoring is invaluable for lawyers who think and work differently to others
  • Brittany Heilmann, Legal and Compliance Manager at ChartMogul, details the value of mentoring, especially for first-time in-house lawyers

Find out what they had to say in our latest issue 🚀

The current climate underlines the importance of having trusted advice, with uncertainties left, right and center; it can lend you a fresh perspective on hot topics like ‘working from anywhere’ and international expansion. 

Our members explain how they skillfully navigate these issues, with advice on lawyers about to tackle these projects at their businesses.

  • Azhar Khan, Senior Legal Counsel at Deel, talks through international expansion - and how legal teams can hit the ground running
  • Nastassia Drahi, Senior Commercial Counsel at PayFit, shares her #1 tip for lawyers at scaleups about to go global
  • Julia Bodnar, General Counsel at Pitch, discusses 'working from anywhere' policies, the obstacles legal faces - and how to overcome them

If you haven’t met a mentor yet, download our issue to hear from the lawyers who have been through it all.

"A successful implementation is a huge moment not just for legal’s productivity, but the team’s internal reputation"

Finding new software and working out if it’s right for your business is a common problem in legal too. Similarly, a successful implementation is a huge moment not just for legal’s productivity, but the team’s internal reputation.

In our section on tech implementation:

  • Paul Harker, Head of Legal at Luno, explains how framing the problem can help lawyers find the perfect solution
  • Victoire Solly, Legal Counsel (commercial law and legal ops) at Qonto, shares tips on cutting through the noise to find the best software for legal and the wider business
  • We explore the vendor's perspective with a deep dive from Jeremy Huitson, Senior CS Manager at Juro, into how we help customers get to value with their contracts

You'll also get to read about all-in-one contract automation in action, in our latest success story with Funnel.

Finally, our second in-person conference is next month: join us in London for Draft Punk: Contracts Remixed - a half-day event on all things contracts, featuring a live contract teardown from legal design guru Stefania Passera. 

Hope to see plenty of our members there! And if you haven't yet joined our 700-strong community of in-house lawyers and legal ops teams, don't miss out - apply now for access to the best events, curated content, networking opportunities and the hottest jobs.

Teresa Popoola is the Community & Events Manager at Juro

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