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Introducing Juro's eBook: Legal for SaaS

Scaling legal
September 24, 2020

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies scale fast - how do in-house legal teams cope with the pressures of this mega-growth, especially when legal doesn't scale alongside the business?

I don't envy legal teams in SaaS businesses.To triple revenue year-on-year, SaaS businesses often prioritise aggressive headcount growth. But while engineering and sales teams grow like crazy, legal headcount usually remains static. Ask for more people and you're hit with the customary CFO response: "do more with less". And all the while, legal fires are being fanned by the pressures of mega-growth.It's an impossible problem set, but the best legal leaders in SaaS are not just surviving but thriving.

Our latest eBook - Legal for SaaS: How to scale legal without scaling legal headcount - explores the challenges faced by SaaS lawyers at some of the world's fastest-growing companies, including Trustpilot, Typeform, Onfido, Mention Me, and more.

Download 'Legal for SaaS: How to scale legal without scaling legal headcount' to hear from the experts. 

Legal SaaS counsel reveal their key challenges

This eBook explores the different roles and skillsets it takes to thrive in a high-pressure SaaS environment, and how in-house lawyers manage the present and the future at the same time:

🤝 The dealmaker - Lookout legal counsel, Colin Levy, on enabling the commercial team to close faster

👀 The overseer - Mention Me GC, Gavin Walles, on how automation allows him to minimize legal involvement

🤗 The end user champion - Typeform's director, corporate counsel, Daniel Urbán, on putting the end user at the heart of everything legal does

🚀 The 10x thinker - Onfido GC, Francesca Porter, on how planning for scale can help you manage aggressive growth

🔮 The strategist - Trustpilot's Chief Legal and Policy Officer, Carolyn Jameson, on finding the balance between planning ahead and daily legal requests

Building high-performing legal SaaS teams

Lookout's Colin Levy summarizes the challenge perfectly:

If your SaaS company is successful and growing, then the volume of deals will likely increase month on month and if their average value of such deals increases, so too might the complexity of the contracts associated with those deals. With increasing volumes, ever more complex work, a growing salesforce, and with a legal headcount that stays more or less the same, how can you continue to offer the same level of help and support to your commercial colleagues?

It's inspirational work under seriously tough constraints. We hope you enjoy it and find it as insightful as we did. If you're a SaaS business looking to make your contract process more scalable, get in touch and see how Juro can help you. 

Richard Mabey is the CEO and co-founder of Juro

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