Richard Mabey

Juro LIVE: the future of legal

July 1, 2019

Juro’s latest live event painted a compelling picture of the future of legal, looking at machine learning, innovative legal operations, and Juro’s product roadmap.

Do you have 76 days free to read all the terms and conditions of website and apps that you'll accept in your life? Thought not. Juro exists to make contracts the start of something great, rather than a necessary evil to be suffered through by end-users. We gathered a group of old friends and new, customers and commentators, to talk about the future of legal at our London HQ. Legal heroes from companies ranging from fintechs to FTSE100 constituents chewed over the future of legal (figuratively) and Canadian pizza (literally), with a keen eye on how the next generation of contracts will create a better experience for all users of legal.

First we covered our open product roadmap. My co-founder Pavel and I are committed to transparency across the board, and we loved the chance to take questions and challenges from our users, who are some of the most innovative minds in legal.

 A key part of the roadmap is machine learning. AI and machine learning (often used interchangeably) are without a doubt the most hyped topics in legal at the moment (closely followed by blockchain), which is why we called this session 'Machine learning: everyone is lying to you.' Richard Tromans of Artificial Lawyer - recently named by the ABA Journal as one of the 'Best Of' Web 100 list - grilled our lead data scientist, Dr Matt Upson, on myth and reality when it comes to machine learning in legal. Matt shared some of his insights from his time modelling data for the UK government, as well as a hint of the exciting possibilities when datasets are large enough, and when algorithmic breakthroughs force change at an industry-wide level. 

Finally we discussed one of our favourite subjects, legal operations, with a panel of legal leaders from some of the UK's most exciting tech companies. Rohan Paramesh, GC at Habito and the author of the information governance chapter in our eBook, talked about making sure legal's culture starts out the right way. Hannah MacDonald, supplier operations manager at Monzo, shared her team's innovative ways of working, emulating the product engineers that have driven Monzo to such heights in such a short time.

For more events and insight on legal operations, legal design and the future of Juro, don't forget to follow us on LinkedIn or subscribe below. We look forward to seeing you next time.

Richard Mabey is the CEO and co-founder of Juro

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