Sanaa Siddiqui

Mention Me empowers teams to agree and manage contracts with Juro

July 23, 2020
  • Five teams at Mention Me will adopt Juro, the contract collaboration platform, to agree and manage contracts.
  • Mention Me joins a client list that includes Deliveroo, Babylon Health & Secret Escapes.

LONDON, JULY 2020 - Mention Me, the referral marketing and customer retention platform, will be replacing manual processes across various systems with Juro, the contract automation platform

Legal, sales, revenue operations, finance and client success teams will use Juro to standardize their referral agreement template and to assist in making the contract workflow more efficient whilst Mention Me continues to grow its client portfolio. 

Mention Me will also integrate Juro with Salesforce, Slack and Google Drive, offering visibility and enabling self-serve for different teams and freeing up legal time.

Gavin Walles, head of legal at Mention Me, said:

I’m delighted to work with Juro - the team have already started using the tool and with great results so far

Richard Mabey, CEO and co-founder of Juro, said:

I'm thrilled to welcome an exciting company like Mention Me to the Juro community. Juro is being used across the legal team, but it's great to see such a wide use-case that will help four other teams agree and manage marketing agreements and their data in one unified workspace. We look forward to working closely with Gavin and the team to scale their legal processes

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Sanaa Siddiqui is the Content Editor at Juro

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